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Denhart, Daniel denhart at ohio.edu
Thu Sep 29 14:12:29 EDT 2016

Quick thoughts which I can develop and add onto prior to the meeting.

*         The Athena backstage is apparently also only temporary.  There has been talk about getting into the Hudson Health Center building (a few years down the road)

o   What kind of spaces will we need after we move out of the backstage of the Athena and into Hudson?  Will Hudson provide these types of spaces?

o   Regardless of the backstage of the Athena, we have outgrown our scene shop and need a larger and more functional shop space with wooden floors, ample storage lay-out and assembly spaces for example.

o   Props needs a safe space for welding and metal fabrication

*         We need proper ventilation systems in any welding related shops.

*         A dedicated technology lab where we can experiment with stage automation and technology pertinent to projection, lighting, sound.

*         We will need to replace all current scene shop equipment and hand tools within the next 5 years.  Much of our equipment has been in operation since 1990 (renovation).

*         We need new stage floors in the Baker Theater and Hahne Studio Theater.  Current floors have asbestos beneath the flooring surface.

*         I would suggest that we need entirely new mainstage theater performance spaces that support larger audiences and contemporary staging ( A performing arts center?).

*         We need more storage space

*         We need a truck/vehicles and a  place to park them.

*         Faculty in the areas of Scenic Charge Artist, Master Carpenter, Projections, Lighting Design

*         Faculty or staff Theater Technologist that teaches in all Theater technology areas

*         Musical Theater faculty and staff, facilities (studios), and equipment if we decide to develop a musical theater program

*         We need more meeting spaces and intelligent classroom spaces.

More later
Dan Denhart

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Dear Faculty,

I have a meeting with the Dean next Tuesday to discuss our next "big asks". This is to state our goals for the next Dean, our roadmap to our future, if you will.

 For instance:

  1.  The Athena space will solve some shop space problems, but not all of them, by any means. What are the next logical steps?
  2.  We still don't have a green room.
  3.  More studio space for classes and rehearsals. How many, or a studio of a specific nature?
  4.  Upgrades to our existing spaces, such as floor refinishes, new window shades, etc?
  5.  Major tools.
  6.  Faculty? (New lines, IF we grow?) I know there is need in the performance area when Laura Parotti fully retires.
  7.  On a more personal, if anyone will be eligible and might consider early retirement in the next 5 years, please let me know. (It will be confidential, but important for planning.)

This meeting is on Tuesday, Oct. 4. If you could send me your ideas by Monday at noon so that I can compile them, I'd really appreciate it.

Many thanks,


Michael Lincoln
Artistic Director/Head
Professor, Theater Division
Ohio University
740 593-4818, 917 301-5173(c)
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