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Dear Faculty,

First, please mark your calendars for a faculty meeting Wednesday, September 28, 11:50-12:45. We'll be discussing some curriculum issues and other items.

I'm thrilled to announce that our request for a Group II Production Manager position has been approved. This position will be a full time academic position during the year with a stipend for Tantrum Theater planning and summer work, similar to several other Group II positions in the College. The goal is to post the search as quickly as possible so that the position will begin Tantrum planning no later than March 1. After the summer season, the the production manager will teach stage management and supervise technical rehearsals, (as Elynmarie Kazle is currently doing) and eventually add more traditional production management duties. Elynmarie is already aware of the news and will be a candidate. If she is the candidate chosen, the two jobs will meld together March 1. If she is not chosen, she will teach the remainder of the spring semester. Dan Denhart has agreed to chair the search committee. Other members will be David Russell, Helene Siebrits, Dan Dennis, Ian Hinz, Shelley Delaney and myself. It is a large committee to try to represent as many areas significantly impacted by a production manager as possible.

In other good news: Our request to expand shop facilities into the backstage of the Athena has been approved. We had a meeting in the last few days with the assigned project manager and Dan Harper, who will represent the College, to begin planning the improvements to the "factory" space. It's a complex process. Because there is so little time when the Athena is not booked during the academic year, the major build out will most likely be next summer. The exact use of the space will depend on how successfully we can isolate sound between the stage  house and the movie screens. Until we know that, we will not decide which shop moves out of Kantner. As a space rated as "factory", it has limited uses. It cannot be a classroom because it is not ADA accessible. In fact, when it becomes a shop, it cannot have an office in it, so while it's fantastic that we can relieve some of our space problems, we are quite limited by code issues.

 I've neglected to get the word out that I will be at Cleveland Play House beginning tomorrow for the tech of All The Way, the play developed at OSF that played on Broadway with Bryan Cranston as LBJ. It is a giant production, so I'll be in Cleveland from Sept. 11 - 24. October 9-23, I'll be at Indiana Rep teching Finding Home, another extravaganza production that is two full evenings celebrating the bicentennial of Indiana's statehood. Finally, in November, I'll go back to the IRT for the 20th year of Christmas Carol. We've been rehearsing that one for a long time, so it'll be a short tech.

Happy fall semester!


Michael Lincoln
Artistic Director/Head
Professor, Theater Division
Ohio University
740 593-4818, 917 301-5173(c)

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