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I'm sorry to see him go!

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Subject: Departing

To the College of Fine Arts Directors,

If you would be so kind, would you please pass along the below email to your staff and faculty? I have had a wonderful experience here in Fine Arts over the past fifteen years, and will continue to be an arts advocate in my next post. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me for future assistance or otherwise.

All the best,
Nathaniel Berger

CoFA faculty and staff,

I have had wonderful experience with all of our Fine Artists, whether student, staff, or faculty, but it is time for me to move on. I have been a part of the College of Fine Arts as both student and staff for over a decade, experiencing the ups and the downs alongside everyone. I leave with the best experiences coloring my memory, and with the best wishes for our College to press on into the future, adapting to needs, changing the status-quo, and overcoming any and all challenges which arise.

As of October 10th, I will be working to apply expertise and experiences garnered here to a new group of individuals across much of Appalachia. I will be taking upon the traveling position of Engineering & Design Expert housed in Ohio University Innovation Center, working on a special initiative to connect and aid community members, students, and the unemployed and underemployed to resources to enable their ideas and creations to come to life, and create new economic opportunities. While much of the focus is upon technology, the arts have been specifically identified as important and in-need of further support. I hope to help others in a similar manner as I would like to believe I have helped here.


Nathaniel Berger

Engineering & Design Expert

The Ohio University Innovation Center

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