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I don't know if you all received this, but there may be something of interest to one of your students.


From: Masterson, Julia on behalf of Bikowski, Dawn
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2016 12:01 PM
To: Masterson, Julia
Subject: Avoiding Plagiarism Video & Coursework: Please distribute

Dear Colleagues,
Please feel free to use in your courses and/or direct any interested students (graduate or undergraduate) to this video on Using Sources Effectively, put together with ELIP and Academic Technologies at OHIO:https://www.hapyak.com/portal/viewer/f8052c9c634e577d754190750622e50f. The video covers practical tips for managing sources without plagiarizing, as well as offering useful examples.

Also, as students are registering for Fall Semester 2016-17, we have some courses that may interest them. Please distribute this message to interested department faculty and students.

Business Relations and Communication Skills, ELIP 1300, is useful for undergraduates interesting in developing a global perspective through teamwork and intercultural communication, with students working on projects together. For both international and domestic students. Meets W 5:15 PM to 7:05 PM in Copeland Hall 108, class #3882.

Writing for Research, ELIP 5160, is useful for students writing a research proposal, a research project, or a thesis/dissertation. Students can work on their papers in whatever stage of the process they are in-literature review, methodology, discussion, etc. It's offered Th 3:05 PM to 4:55 PM, Gordy 210, class #3879.

The Academic Writing in Graduate Studies class, ELIP 5140, is useful for students who would like to develop their academic writing style in terms of integrating and citing sources, academic word choice, idea development/clarity, and organization. This Fall (#3877) the face-to-face class meets W 5:15 PM to 7:05 PM in Gordy 205. The online version is class #3878.

Graduate Reading and Writing (ELIP 5120) meets M 3:05 PM to 4:55 PM, class #3886, in Gordy 205. It is designed for international students and focuses on grammar in writing/syntax, as well as idea development and source use.

Critical Reading and Analysis (ELIP 5100) is offered Th 5:15 PM to 7:05 PM, class #3888, Gordy 205, and allows both domestic and international graduate students to better manage their reading load in terms of reading speed and using and synthesizing information.

Oral Communication in Graduate Studies (ELIP 5300) is specifically for international graduate students, allowing them to develop their presentation skills and also to work on pronunciation, small talk/networking, and leading and participating in discussions. It's offered Tu 4:10 PM to 6:00 PM, class #12293 in Gordy 104.

ELIP courses are for-credit, assignments are discipline specific, and we provide a significant amount of one-on-one attention.  If you would like more detailed information, see attachments or contact me personally.

Graduate students can also visit the ELIP Graduate Writing Lab in Gordy Hall 009. Walk-in hours 6:00-9:00pm Mon - Thurs. For more information: http://linguistics.ohio.edu/ELIP/?page_id=168.

Dawn Bikowski

Linguistics Department * College of Arts & Sciences
Dawn Bikowski, PhD
Director, English Language Improvement Program
bikowski at ohio.edu<mailto:bikowski at ohio.edu> * @DawnBikowski * T: 740.593.0201
Gordy Hall 367 * Athens OH 45701
www.ohio.edu<http://www.ohio.edu/> * http://linguistics.ohio.edu/ELIP<http://www.ohio.edu/linguistics/elip>

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