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From: Colleen Sullivan <colleen at maketrouble.org<mailto:colleen at maketrouble.org>>
Date: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 11:32 AM
Subject: SCHOLARSHIPS just announced for MAKE TROUBLE summer Shakespeare program

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you information about Make Trouble, a new summer program for college students and recent graduates in Shakespeare, Ensemble and Devising in Staunton, VA on the Mary Baldwin College campus, also home to the American Shakespeare Center and Blackfriars Playhouse.

We've had some exciting news that just came in yesterday. We received a generous donation for one full scholarship and one half scholarship!

In case some of your students were interested in Make Trouble, but were worried about tuition, and because this news came so close to the deadline, we are taking applications through today. But if you have students who are interested and need more time to apply, happy to talk to them about giving them until the end of the week. They can contact me at this email address directly about the timeline. Details about applying can be found here: http://www.maketrouble.org/apply/

And if you or your students really would like a taste of what it feels like to be part of this program, one of our former students from University of Cambridge, who will be joining us again for the second year of the program, made this wonderful video that truly captures the spirit and joy of making theater with us, together as a committed ensemble. It's a beautiful thing. https://youtu.be/pSdxY8T4-oU. Also look for our upcoming interview on HowlRound.com, coming soon.

Many thanks. Take care,

Colleen Sullivan
Co-Artistic Director & Co-Founder of MAKE TROUBLE
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