[Theaterfacultystaff] Kantner-Wide Easter Egg Hunt

Surovjak, Drew surovjak at ohio.edu
Mon Mar 21 12:18:00 EDT 2016

Hello Everyone!

Easter is coming up! Yay! As most of you know, I started a Kantner-Wide Easter Egg Hunt last year. Most people liked it and some people didn't get to participate. So this year, I am letting you all know about it! I am planning to hide the eggs this Sunday on Easter Day all throughout Kantner and the eggs will be available for hunting on Monday. However, to cover the cost of the eggs, candy, etc. as well as the two golden egg jackpot, I will be accepting any donations that you all are willing to offer. Drew Surovjak in the 3rd floor office has agreed to take any cash donations through this week ending Friday at 4pm. There isn't a real goal in terms of donations because anything more than the cost of the items will be split between two golden eggs as a jackpot prize. So the more you donate, the more someone can win if they find it!

Also, to allow the most amount of people to participate, please only take one egg (unless you find the golden egg, then you can have a normal one as well.) They will be in only public areas, not in classrooms or offices. The golden eggs will have special hiding places so be sure to look hard! I think that's it. Please donate and Have Fun! Happy (almost) Easter!

-Chris Johnson (Your friendly neighborhood Easter Bunny)

Thank you,
Christopher Johnson
Really Really // Stage Manager
Ohio University School of Theater
BFA Stage Management

Drew R. Surovjak

Administrative Associate

School of Dance, Film and Theater

Ohio University

Kantner Hall 307A

surovjak at ohio.edu

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