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Hi guys,

There are a couple interesting speakers coming for Nuit Blanche that may appeal to theater students.

Please feel free to share with students who may be interested.


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Thanks Zelma,

I'm thinking maybe some of the Theater majors, if available, would be interested in Elizabeth Langley's presentation.

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Hello All,

This is to confirm that Alum. (Communications Major, Dance Minor) Carly McCloskey from MoMA will present in Travis' class on Friday, April 1, 2016 from 9:00AM to 10:35AM. She will discuss her experiences after graduating from OU re: working at places like:

1. Paul Taylor Dance Company
2. Broadway.com
3. The MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) and now
4. MoMA (Museum of Modern Art.)

Also, I want to confirm Elizabeth Langley's presentation in Tresa Randall's class on Friday, April 1 from 11:50am - 12:45pm. Tresa will open this up to all who are interested.

Title: The Role of the Dance Dramaturg:
The Practical Necessities

2011 conference of the Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS)
Dance Dramaturgy: Catalyst, Perspective and Memory
The role of the dance dramaturg is the subject of the conference keynote address, to be delivered by internationally renowned Montreal-based dramaturg, choreographer, performer and teacher Elizabeth Langley. Langley, whose honours include the Canada Council's prestigious Jacqueline Lemieux Prize, has served as an instructor and 'outside eye' for some of the most exciting artists on the Canadian dance scene, including Christopher House, Denise Fujiwara and Malgorzata Nowacka.

The conference brought " together more than 75 presenters and 160 participants from across North America, Europe and as far afield as Korea, Japan and Australia to discuss the history, potential and growing impact of dance dramaturgy.

"This is the first conference in North America to focus on dance dramaturgy," said conference chair Darcey Callison, a practicing choreographer and dance scholar who directs York's MFA program in dance. "Today's theatre artists are seeking out sophisticated choreographic practices to integrate into their work. To broaden their reach, stage productions are being brought to new venues and complex spaces. More and more, dance is being combined with other art forms, and dance artists are being invited to bring dance aesthetics to interpret new operas, films and plays."

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