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Hello Everyone!

This is a reminder email to keep everyone aware of the plan. This Friday, February 19th will be Tammy Bump's last day here with us in Kantner Hall. I am coordinating a Surprise Going-Away party for Tammy that will start at 5pm on Friday, February 19th. I encourage any of you who are able to come earlier (around 4:30pm) to come then to help set up and already be in the room when I bring Tammy in at 5. The party will go until 6:30pm, but I know that many of you need to get ready for the Urinetown Opening so please still come if you can, but it's no problem if you need to leave.

In terms of help needed, I am still looking for someone to bring punch and/or snacks if any of you are able. If you are able to bring either of these things, please email me at cjohnson0853 at gmail.com<mailto:cjohnson0853 at gmail.com>.

In terms of gifts, please feel free to get Tammy something yourselves. We will plan to have an area where we can put all of Tammy's gifts (depending on how many there are) so feel free give her something to remember you by.

Tammy has been there for most if not all of us at some point in our careers here at OU so I encourage all of you to stop by at some point during the party to show your support and say goodbye. She really deserves to see how much we all love and appreciate her before she leaves. And don't forget that this is our secret. We don't want Tammy to know that this is happening. So please help me spread the word by telling others in the school of theater about it, but not Tammy.

Thank you everyone! I hope to see you all on Friday! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at cjohnson0853 at gmail.com<mailto:cjohnson0853 at gmail.com>.

-Chris Johnson
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