[Theaterfacultystaff] Request for "A Woman Alone" set for 2/12 Madness

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If there are no conflicts with space use this week,  it's fine with me.

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Subject: [Theaterfacultystaff] Request for "A Woman Alone" set for 2/12 Madness

Dear Faculty,

I am producing "Farce: An Evening of Improbable Situations" this Friday, February 12, as the playwriting department's weekly Madness presentation. My colleagues' first question was whether there will be doors that we can use. When we were in the Hahne yesterday, we saw that the set from "A Woman Alone" was still in place, and if at all possible we would love to use it this Friday. I'm not sure when strike is scheduled for, so I wanted to reach out to everyone to put forth our request.

Are there any student or faculty needs that would make this request impossible? I know that it is bolted down but was moved out of the way and then replaced for our Madness last Friday, so that would be an excellent option if we can make it work. Otherwise, we would at least like to use the doors in some capacity, but obviously they are safest if bolted down and the additional walls make the set much more appealing for our needs.

Please let me know what our options are! I contacted Cubbie as well since I know he was the technical director, but I haven't yet heard back from him.

Thanks so much!

Natasha Smith

(952) 412-9489
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