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If you know of students who may benefit from some study and college skills and may need a 1-2 credit option, here are some offerings-

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The Academic Advancement Center is offering a few new special interest classes this Spring semester that might be helpful to your students as they are filling out their schedules and possibly looking for some 1-2 credit options.  I have attached a document with course descriptions that you can have for students.

Two courses I want to highlight are:
UC 2900 College Reading Skills - really great for those freshman coming in with low ACT reading scores and taking heavy reading courses. This does not replace UC D998 Developmental Reading, but we wanted to offer something that opens up reading instruction to more freshman and sophomore students.
UC 2900 Study Hack: Reading and Research -open to all levels of students who want to improve in the area of research-oriented reading and writing.

UC 1100 Learning Strategies – 2 Credits
This course offers the opportunity to assess present learning strategies and attitudes and adopt techniques that increase effectiveness in managing time, taking notes, remembering text material, preparing for exams, and gathering information. Emphasis is on regular practice and use of strategies taught. This course is especially helpful for students who are finding the transition from high school to college level work challenging and for students who have struggled in previous classes and are looking for ways to improve.
* We are offering two late start UC 1100 courses: #6094 (MWF- 9:40) and #6091 (T-TH 1:30) beginning Week 5.

UC 1101 Time Management and Test Taking Skills- 7 Week 1 Credit
Two of the biggest sources of stress for students are time management and taking tests! Why not combat that stress with a course designed to increase effectiveness in managing time, preparing for and taking exams. Emphasis is on regular practice and application of strategies discussed. This class is especially recommended for new students who did not study very much in high school and/or do not have a well-developed system of effective time management and exam preparation. Students will explore and practice time management skills and explore what memorization techniques really work for test prep.

UC 2900 Study Hack: Reading and Research – 2 Credits (new)
Research papers and projects can be daunting and tedious. Why not "hack" the next research project with strategies designed to make the process more efficient and effective?  In this course, students will be encouraged to think outside the box of their previous reading and research methods. Students will develop strategies for understanding research project design; explore tools for searching for and evaluating quality research articles, and practice integrating research into projects using appropriate documentation and citations. In addition, students will examine strategies for working on group research projects, and for preparing presentations on their research.

UC 2900 College Reading Skills – 2 Credits (new)
The three-fold goal of this course is to transition from high school to college level reading, thinking, and writing. Students will bridge this gap by learning techniques to increase their vocabulary while becoming more proficient at their language skills. They will become critical readers by learning to recognize what is a reason-based/valid argument and by distinguishing between objective and subjective writing.  Students will increase their rhetorical skills by learning about paragraph structures before modeling longer essays written in classical organizational patterns. They will increase their reading speed and comprehension by learning where to find the vital information within these essays.

If you have any questions about these courses or other services of the AAC, please let me know.   FYI for advisers meeting with students who are currently struggling with general college study skills - our general study skills appointments for students with Learning Strategies instructors are now available to be scheduled through the Tutortrac link on the tutoring services page.  https://www.ohio.edu/uc/tutoring/

Tutoring Services - Ohio University
Tutoring Services—and the other services of the Academic Advancement Center—are here for you. Tutoring Services is your central source of academic support at Ohio ...
Read more...<https://www.ohio.edu/uc/tutoring/>

Yours in Service,

Sue Fletcher
Coordinator, Academic Skills Instruction
Academic Advancement Center
Alden 101
fletches at ohio.edu

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