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Wed Oct 14 16:28:11 EDT 2015

Hello everyone, 

I just wanted to remind you that five of our eight stage managers will be traveling to Chicago for the stage managers' Association "The View from the Wings conference" this coming weekend. We are leaving behind the stage management team of Penelopiad who will also cover the Much Ado rehearsals and the playfest callbacks in addition to their performances, with some assistance from members of the 5010 class.

Again, The students traveling to Chicago are:
Julia Moncrief, Anna Kovacs, Samantha McClain, Maria Condo, and Liann Nicholson.  
We're leaving at 9:30 AM on Friday to get us to town in time to catch an evening performance of East of Eden at Steppenwolf.

In charge of much ado rehearsals is  sophomore stage manager, Katie McClean.

In charge of the organization of  PlayFest callbacks is Junior stage manager, Kimiko DeMura, assisted by sophomore, Chris Johnson and Natasha Smith from the 5010 class and perhaps one or two others.

We wish the company of Penelopiad -- A grand opening and we promise to see the show soon.

Elynmarie Kazle
Stage management faculty, 
Ohio University, Theater division
Production Manager: 
Akron School for the Arts, 
Akron Civic Theatre ACM
Chair, Stage Managers' Association

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