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Mon Oct 5 13:59:13 EDT 2015

Dear Faculty,

As Advising time is coming,  I want to draw your attention to some classes that are slated for spring. We have three special topics classes. These classes are 4900 level classes so may help students with Directed Electives  and their 4000 level course requirements. These classes may especially appeal to BA students.  I also want to point out that THAR 3210 is also being offered in the Spring. If you have students who need or want this class, please point out that it is being offered this year.

Dennis Delaney-Thar 4900/ Thar 7210 Directing Seminar on Orson Welles. "That class should already be on the books, but I'll be tweaking the syllabus to include The War of the Worlds and other radio/theatre aspects, not just Shakespeare."

Mon/Wed 3:05-4:55

Rachel Cornish- Thar 4900/5900 Leadership in the Arts.

There is a flyer hanging around the building with further description. Rachel will be covering Mission and Strategies for Arts organizations (focusing on theater), talking to Arts Professionals throughout the country, and examining cases of special problems in Arts Leadership.

Mon/Wed 10:30AM-12:00PM

Rebecca Vernooy- Thar 4900 Mindfulness and Creativity

Mindfulness refines our quality of attention to the present moment.  Through meditations and sensory exercises, we will explore the creative process through the lens of mindful practice.  This class is open to all students engaged in creative process.

Tues/Thurs  1:30Pm-2:50PM

THAR 3210- Beginning Directing with Dennis Delaney

Tues/Thurs  12:00PM-1:50PM


Rani Crowe
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