[Theaterfacultystaff] Tantrum Theater?

Erik Ramsey ramseye at ohio.edu
Fri Jun 5 15:16:31 EDT 2015

​Hi Dan,

I appreciate your vision, and I find your argument for "tantrum" exciting
and reasonable. I'm very interested in being associated with a theater that
is in part driven by youth, passion, disagreement and argument. I just find
it hard to ignore​ "tantrum" connotations (and denotations) that are more
associated with petulance and ill-temper.

Perhaps there is a way to modify the word "tantrum" with another word?
Conflicting images in language are often exciting. It was ironic to call
the recently graduate group of MFA actors a tantrum because they were so
generous. So if one combines the idea of generous and tantrum, it generates
a cognitive dissonance that is kind of interesting: Generous Tantrum. (And
that's just one idea; I'm not actually weighing in that we should use that.
There are dozens of modifiers for the word "tantrum" that might signal an
audience that petulance isn't at the core of our tantrum.)

Thanks for taking the time to explain what you're thinking in this regard!


Erik Ramsey
Associate Professor of Playwriting
Ohio University Division of Theater
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