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Dear Faculty and Staff,

Since we've talked and written endlessly about our facility needs, this is not a request for yet another list. The question that I'd like your feedback on:

If we could identify three goals for improvement in current facilities, what would those be and why?

I have my list, but it might be different than yours. Let me know what you think.

If you want to send me responses to the other questions, feel free, but don't feel obligated. Some of you dealing with new technology might have ideas that we've not talked about.

Some good news: I just came from a meeting with two facilities people, Dan Harper and Lowell. The Forum carpet will be removed ASAP. The complication is that there is a overall layer of glue under the carpet, so a strategy for dealing with that needs to be devised. (Scraping, using solvent, whatever.) The goal is for the removal to be complete by the time classes begin. Mostly likely the carpeted area will be painted with gray marine paint that will serve us for the 2015-16 season. In the fall, the remainder of the leaking will be tracked down and sealed. Next summer, new carpet will be installed.

All the best!


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Date: Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 10:51 AM
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Subject: Facility Review and Needs


Will you be in the office  next week...Wed/Th/F? If so, I'd like to schedule time to meet and discuss facility needs for the Theater Division. I have a meeting the following week with upper administration during which time we will be reviewing the 6 year capital plan. I want to go into that meeting with any requests we have and a sense of how to prioritize.

A good question to start the thought process might be:  What are your space needs? Why?  In other words, if you have a need for more space, what are the current programmatic needs that are driving this and/or what are the long term goals that require more space in order to achieve such a goal.

Another question might be: How have your facility needs changed? If so, how and why?  In other words, if you are teaching new technology, for example, does this require a different teaching platform and space than you currently have?

Let's also discuss the state of the current facilities. If we could identify three goals for improvement, what would those be and why?

What I would like to do is begin to move us in a direction where we are planning for improvements vs. just responding to emergencies.

If you want to think about this and then if you are in the office at the end of next week, let's get together to discuss. I keep my Outlook calendar up to date so if you want to look at it and pick a time and send me a request, we can meet in your office.


Dan Harper MA, MID, NCIDQ #014453, IDEC
Assistant Dean for Facilities and IT

Ohio University
College of Fine Arts
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54 East Union Street
1 Ohio University
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T: 740.593.9794
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