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And also we should cautiously protect the intellectual property of our students, and consider that visiting artists should be paid more if their work or talks or lectures would be live streamed.  Many contracts consider that these days.

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Dido to what Shelley said about the Rights.  I know with USITT sessions that re live streamed there is a process that needs to be followed.

I agree it could be very useful.


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We will need to be very clear regarding the rights to written work if we stream any productions. I went through negotiations regarding live streaming at Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theater five years ago, and there were conflicts with the theatrical unions as well.

Could be great for us and exciting for the students if we can sort it all out.


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Hi all,

One Q, will the live streams be archived and where?  Or will this be truly ‘live’; one time only.



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This could be an interesting opportunity for us. I’ll put it on the agenda for discussion at our retreat. If you have questions, contact Matt Dingo, but copy me so I’m in the loop.


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Subject: Live Streaming Opportunity


After a successful trial live stream of The School of Music’s Spring Concert, our Instructional Technologist Matt Dingo is offering every division in CoFA the opportunity to live stream a limited number of events during the ’15-’16 school year. Events do not have to be limited to performances and can also include talks by guest speakers, conference presentations, demonstrations, etc.

We are hoping that every school/division can identify 1-2 Fall ’15 events for live streaming and a point person for this expanded streaming effort. The point person will be responsible for arranging advance access to the spaces where events will be held for testing purposes, watching the division’s and other division's streams for evaluation purposes, sending invitations to potential distance audience members, and providing comments on and suggestions for future CoFA live streaming efforts.

Please share with faculty and contact Matt Dingo (dingo at ohio.edu<mailto:dingo at ohio.edu>) with suggestions for live stream during Fall ’15 by August 6.


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