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Lincoln, Michael lincolnm at ohio.edu
Fri Feb 27 12:50:51 EST 2015

Dear Faculty,

Dennis and I met and hashed out performance and rehearsals schedules for next season. I’m including the one page block calendar so you can see the season at a glance. Dennis has put the whole season, including 1st rehearsals, into the Outlook calendar. Please look through. Directors in particular, check your schedules. In the fall semester for instance, we had to schedule all three shows before Thanksgiving because there is only 1 week of classes after that break. There are good reasons to make the decisions we did, but don’t hesitate to ask if you have a question about the schedule.

All the best,


Michael Lincoln
Associate Professor, Lighting Design
Artistic Director/Head, Theater Division
School of Dance, Film, and Theater
Ohio University
740 593-4818 (O) 917 301-5173 ©

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