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Dear Faculty and Staff,
Five students reported health issues after working lighting priority over the weekend in the Forum. We had several meetings this afternoon dealing with the issue. I just sent the following email to the Marathon ’33 cast explaining the current situation.

Subject: Forum Theater update 2-9-15 5pm.

Marathon ’33 Cast and Crew:

I’ve just come from a meeting with two representatives of Facilities Management and two representatives of OU Environmental Health and Safety relative to potential health issues in the Forum Theater. Briefly: rehearsal will not be in the Forum this evening (Monday). Rehearsal will be in 306 and 308 after the Playwrights are finished at 8pm.  A custodial crew will be in the Forum overnight cleaning the space as thoroughly as possible. After the cleaning, it was felt that would be OK to be back in the space at 1pm tomorrow and to hold rehearsal tomorrow evening. The major suspect is dust.  Continuing efforts will include testing the dust for elements of western pine, which would have been caused by the floor sanding of the new stage floor and silica from concrete sawing and drilling that was done at the same time. Either can be an irritant to some people. The Forum has an air handling system that is separate from the rest of the RTV building. Those filters will be changed on a daily basis and checked. The carpet will be cleaned as well as possible in the short term and we will continue efforts to get it replaced when there is enough time to do the job (either spring or summer break).

We will monitor this situation on a daily basis. If there are any further health issues attributable to the Forum, please report them. Your health is of utmost importance.

All the best,


Michael Lincoln
Associate Professor, Lighting Design
Artistic Director/Head, Theater Division
School of Dance, Film, and Theater
Ohio University
740 593-4818 (O) 917 301-5173 ©

Subject: 2/7 Marathon Rehearsal Report

Hello All,
Wonderful rehearsal. Please check the report for fittings and hair cuts. Also, we officially move in to the Forum tomorrow! The report is attached below.

Julia Moncrief and Stage Management Team

Marathon '33 Calendar

Forum Calendar

General Theater Calendar









Kantner 203

Rehearsal #




David Haugen, Dennis Delaney

Late from Break

Stage Manager

Julia Moncrief
(740) 605-9366

Rehearsal Breakdown

Next Rehearsal (2/9/15)  Forum

11:00-11:56 pg 69-73 scene work

11:57-12:02 Break

12:02-12:55 fight/dance call

12:56-1:01 Break

1:01-2:23 run Act 1 (run time 1 hr 17 min)

2:24-2:34 Break

2:34-3:46 run Act 2 (run time 1 hr 4 min)

3:46-3:53 notes

7-11 All

- Safety walk

- Spacing



All rehearsals from this point forward will be on the Forum stage.



Hair Cuts

Monday, Feb 9:
Kelly Whybrew 2-2:20

Monday, Feb 9:
2-3 Alex Nicosia
3-4 Greg Atkin
4-5 Javier Ronquillo

Wednesday, Feb 11:
3-4 David Vasquez
4-5 Josh Leeson





- See Julia Moncrief about the god mic.

*Denotes new props request

House Manager


Thank You,
Marathon ‘33 SM team

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