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Subject: please pass on this request to your faculty

Dear colleagues,

I met with Dean Kennedy Dygas recently in my role as RCM liaison, and she asked me to reach out to all faculty to ask them which  RCM and budget related information they would like to have from her office.

I would like to ask you all to pass on this question to the faculty in your schools, and have them email me their requests.  Although this is a large and vague question, faculty input will also help me focus on which issues I can bring to John Day when I meet with him in a couple of weeks.

Below is the body of text you can paste and forward to the faculty, Thanks for your support and all you do for the College.

Dear Faculty,

Dean Kennedy Dygas has asked me to gather information about what data you would like the dean's office to share with the College at large about RCM and Budgetary issues.

Please feel free to send me your requests or questions, so that I can forward these to Peg and Beth.  These requests will be gathered and collated in confidence and I will present them without attribution, unless  attribution is expressly requested by the respondent.

Please also feel free to send me questions or concerns relating to RCM at any time. If I do not have the answer, I will try to find out who does.  I will be joining the advisory committee once it is convened, and although RCM has, and continues to  seem really opaque in places, I will do my best to represent the faculty's needs to the College and University.


Alex Hibbitt
Assistant Director, Chair of Graduate Program
Associate Professor of Art
Ohio University, School of Art + Design
528 Seigfred Hall
Athens, OH  45701
(740) 593-9996 office
(740) 593-0457 fax

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