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Fri May 23 15:12:27 EDT 2014

Dear Theater Division Students,

I’ve been copied on many of your emails to the President and the Dean reacting to the decision for non-renewal of the Monomoy lease. I share your disappointment and understand your frustration and anger that you were not consulted in the process of making this decision. I’m attaching an email sent by the Dean in response to three of the recent emails she received, explaining in great detail the financial considerations leading to this decision. You will see in the attached email that the scope of this deliberation was far beyond that of the Theater Division, the School or the College. However, your education and training is our foremost objective.

The good news at this moment is that Monomoy will continue with OHIO students in the mix and OU officials, the College and Theater Division are committed to a 2015 summer season in Dublin, Ohio. In the first few weeks of Fall semester an open forum will be held for everyone to voice opinions about the Monomoy decision. Attendees will be updated on progress to date relative to the Dublin initiative. We need to hear from students who have participated in Monomoy so that we are sure to incorporate the best aspects of it’s long tradition in the new venture.

We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to create something new in Dublin. No one thinks that we can recreate the Monomoy experience. We are fully aware that Dublin, OH is not Chatham, MA.  However, there is enormous potential for a partnership that could lead the Division and the College in exciting new directions. Significant steps have already been taken. Some time before the Monomoy decision was reached, Madeleine Scott, Director of the School of Dance, Film, and Theater,  the Dean and I met with the Executive Director of the Dublin Arts council to discuss the artistic possibilities. Simultaneously Dublin city officials met with the President and his team about financial realities and ways for the University and the City of Dublin to cooperate. Subsequently, the Dean met with Theater Division faculty to brief them on the discussions. Another set of meetings with Dublin city and schools officials and Ohio stakeholders is being arranged as I write this.

The short term goal is to create a 2015 summer season in a venue to be determined. A real estate professional has been scouting existing  venues that could accommodate our production and housing needs. A site visit is being planned as soon as possible. I am in discussions to hire a liaison whose sole job will be to work out every possible detail relative to the summer season. It is our goal that these summer seasons showcase our students, faculty, alumni and incorporate theater professionals in all areas for students to work beside.

The long term goal is for the City of Dublin to build a first class performing arts center in which we are content providers. Robert Shook, an OU alum and founding partner of Shuler Shook Theatrical Planners was on campus and participated in meetings with the Dean and two representatives of university facilities. Shuler Shook has a great deal of experience with these kinds of facilities. The Dean is in continued contact with Bob about next steps. Our dream is that this facility house a nationally recognized resident professional company with close ties to the Theater Division providing year round access to professional work of the highest caliber modeled after existing resident theaters and professional theater training programs.

Please trust that your faculty has your best interests in mind. We will listen to your concerns and incorporate your ideas into our new venture as thoroughly as possible. We are a passionate group of theater artists who are dedicated to providing the best quality education in our power.

In the meantime have a wonderful summer wherever you are spending it.



Michael Lincoln
Associate Professor, Lighting Design
Artistic Director/Head, Theater Division
School of Dance, Film, and Theater
Ohio University
740 593-4818 (O) 917 301-5173 ©

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