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Dear Theater Faculty,

Several of you have asked about our Tuesday trip to Dublin. (I was hoping to get minutes of the meeting sent by now, but they haven’t turned up yet.) It turned out that it was a meeting with Dublin City officials, the Superintendent of Schools, and the Executive Director of the Arts Council, Donna Goss and Thomas Raabe, our two OU representatives. We did not see any theaters. They wanted to get background for our push to begin something next summer. I explained the Monomoy lease discontinuance and the importance of a relationship with a professional theater for our students and our upcoming NAST/URTA accreditation. I explained that it was critical that we have solid progress to report by the beginning of the school year.

The good news is that there was not a word of skepticism from the group. I was worried that a site visit had not been scheduled that day. However, the Superintendent of Schools was very open and enthusiastic about the idea, offering any one of the 3 high school auditoriums within Dublin and describing each of them. They are dark roughly June 1 to August 15, certainly enough time to do a season. The next step will be a site visit to all three auditoriums and the black box theater in the recreation center (which we don’t think is a viable alternative but we’ll look at it just so we know). The site visits will be scheduled when the drama faculty or technician can be there, so we get a really informed tour of each facility. Date TBA.

The Arts facility building is on the City Council agenda for this year as is the construction of a new library. Currently they are two separate projects. I explained that our dream was to be attached to a year round resident professional theater in their new facility.

Other good news: the Provost approved our request for $70,000 to purchase new lighting and sound equipment for our Athens theaters to replace the package of equipment that will be left at Monomoy at the end of this season. Lowell and I have been working on this and will already begin the first package of purchases next week. The Provost also approved a request for $50,000 in seed money for the Dublin project to match the $50,000 that Peg is holding in the College.

The Dean has been nothing but encouraging and positive. She wants to put together a steering committee. The first name on her list is Bill Hilyard, the immediate past president of the Alumni association and a key person in the Cleveland Play House Square development. Bill and his wife live in Lakewood, but own a condo in Columbus. He approached Peg and wanted to support this project.

As soon as a date is scheduled for the site visits, I’ll let everyone know. Donna Goss is prepared to reserve a bus from campus if necessary!

All the best,


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Ohio University
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