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And just as I pressed send, an email came back that the visit will be on June 23rd. Let me know if you want to be part of the group.

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Dear Theater Faculty and Staff,

I had a good meeting with Peg and Dan Harper this morning discussing all of the ways we could move forward on the Dublin project.

Most importantly, Donna Goss has identified two potential days for visits to potential sites, June 24 and 25. I know many people will be out of town then, but please respond ASAP if you are in town and would like to be a part of the site visit group. We will put together a report for those of you who can’t attend. It may take an additional visit to determine a site.

Additionally Peg has committed funds to assure that the lighting and sound equipment currently at Monomoy will stay there to facilitate Monomoy’s future. We will start immediately to get bids on replacement equipment for our DOT spaces which will be in place for Fall 2014. This will result in the first significant upgrade in lighting and audio equipment in our spaces since 2006.

As you will see below, August 30 is the target date for securing a site for the 2015 summer season. As we all know, all other planning will flow from this decision, but I believe we can take many forward steps after the June 24/25 site visit.

All the best,

Michael Lincoln
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Subject: RE: Dublin - Theater partnership

Good afternoon, Peg and team,
I am working to coordinate a meeting for OU, the Dublin City Schools, and the Dublin Arts Council. The superintendent and City staff are available either June 23 or June 24.

Would you let me know who – beyond the recipients of this email – should be attending from the university so we can determine availability those dates?

Thanks very much for getting back to me as quickly as possible so we can firm things up and keep you on your trajectory.


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To: Goss, Donna
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Subject: Dublin - Theater partnership

Hi Donna – Could we talk sometime very soon regarding temporary theater venues in Dublin?

Michael and I have just met to discuss other matters. We believe that the following timeline is advisable for future venue planning:

 1.  By July 15: we need to have assembled the specification for all possible venues for Summer 2015. Dublin is our primary market of choice, but we could look at other venues in the greater Columbus area.
 2.  By Aug. 30 we need to have chosen the venue(s)
This timeline is essential because no planning can commence for potential production choices, technical requirements, hiring of directors, auditioning of actors, planning for building sets, etc. until the venue is known.

It might work for the theater program to use the black box theater in Dublin’s Rec Center as well as one of the high school theater spaces.

Looking forward to planning how to proceed with conversations - Peg
Margaret "Peg" Kennedy-Dygas
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