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I received this from Faith Knudsen, the former president of OVST, last week. As you’ll see below she is asking if we’d be interested (at no cost). I told her that timing would be everything both for class visits and for the evening lecture, since we’d be in rehearsal for a very large cast show at that point.
Read below and let me know if you have any potential interest in this campus visit. No commitment at this point.

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From: Knutsen, Faith
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Subject: Stev Guyer of Shadowbox: guest lecture possibility


In a crossover between my ‘real’ and volunteer work: our workplace – TechGROWTH Ohio and the Center for Entrepreneurship – is in the process of inviting Stev Guyer, the co-founder of Columbus’s successful cabaret/residential theater company Shadowbox Live<http://www.shadowboxlive.org/>, to give a guest lecture on entrepreneurship in the performing arts in January 2014 (or thereabouts).  Stev, as I’ve probably mentioned to you, has been a mentor to OVST for our fundraiser cabarets and has given us quite a few conversations in his boardroom, post-show in Columbus.  For the OU Center for Entrepreneurship, he’s agreed to come down (for free; hurrah!) to give an evening lecture about something like “Ruthlessness in Performing Arts Entrepreneurship,” which is a favorite theme of his.

I know you’ve had some conversations with Luke Pittaway, the Center for Entrepreneurship Director, about COFA participation with some of the CE events.  I also realize that Stev Guyer’s work is probably six steps below what most of your students aspire to do (!).  However, he’s not only a pretty savvy businessperson, but an interesting innovator in melding of performance pieces (e.g. his work with Ballet Met<http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/life_and_entertainment/2011/04/24/original-spin-on-sin.html> and a current piece which I believe is a collaboration with an Art museum or some such interesting pairing).

In any case, assuming we can schedule Stev for an evening lecture some time early in 2015, do you think that your faculty would be interested in sending any classes to such a lecture?  In addition, or alternatively, would any of them be interested in a classroom visit by Stev on the same day (on any topic of their choice – not just a business one)?

Let me know if any of this appeals.  We’re still very early on in the planning process, and I just wanted to ensure you were included in the conversation.


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