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FYI, for those of you advising current Freshman who might still need ENG1510.

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Subject: Tier 1 English

Dear Advising Friends-
I have run into an advising wrinkle that I wanted you and your advisors to be aware of -
First-year students in our college all receive Spring ENG1510 placement, if they were unable/did not register for ENG 1510 this semester and attempt to register for Fall of 2014-15, students will get an error message that they do not meet the pre-req. IF you have a student who will be a Sophomore next year and they need to register for ENG 1510 the advisor will need to contact Emily Boggs in the registrar's office boggs at ohio.edu<mailto:boggs at ohio.edu> 3-4193 to have their account adjusted to allow them to register for ENG 1510 in the Fall of their Second year.


Maureen Wagner
Assistant Dean for Student Services
College of Fine Arts
Project Director Arts for Ohio
Jennings House
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