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Subject: MMLA Special Session: Call for Papers - Art and Scholarship

Dear colleagues,

Consider submitting a proposal for our MMLA special session on art and scholarship, and please forward to your colleagues.

All best,

Katie Schaag and Andrew Salyer
University of Wisconsin-Madison

55th Annual Midwest Modern Language Association (MMLA) Convention:  "Art & Artifice"
November 7-10, 2013, Milwaukee WI

Call for Papers for a Special Session:

"Bridging Art and Scholarship in Theory and Practice"

How is theory/scholarship embodied?  When and how is thinking a performative act? How can art theorize?  This session is a space for scholars to theorize together about the artistic and performative dimensions of their scholarly practice, and discuss the possibilities and challenges presented by the institutional framework of the academy.  Is there room for artistic play within scholarly research?  How does performance-as-research reconfigure the terms and generic expectations of scholarly research and artistic practice? What theoretical and practical problems, issues, and possibilities does border-crossing between disciplines pose in terms of audience and reception? How is the interior-oriented space of cognition related to the exterior-oriented space of the performance event?  How can we problematize the interior/exterior, thinking/doing, contemplative/active binary with an active theorization of the cognitive event, of thinking-as-doing and doing-as-thinking?

Please send 250-word abstracts by June 14th to both Katie Schaag at kschaag at wisc.edu<mailto:kschaag at wisc.edu> and Andrew Salyer at jsalyer at wisc.edu<mailto:jsalyer at wisc.edu>

Chairs: Katie Schaag and Andrew Salyer, University of Wisconsin-Madison

This session is part of a growing conversation among artist-scholars in the U.S. and internationally that we hope continues to evolve.  We're currently involved with two related projects:  a performative roundtable discussion with twelve other artist-scholars at the Performance Studies International Conference at Stanford this June (https://psi19.stanford.edu/sites/default/files/uploadedfiles/PSi_AtAGlance_4.pdf), and a 2013-2014 A. W. Mellon Workshop we're co-organizing with six other artist-scholars through the Center for Humanities here at University of Wisconsin-Madson (http://humanities.wisc.edu/workshops/a.w.-mellon-workshops/art-and-scholarship/).  We hope you will be part of this exciting conversation!
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