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Good morning,
Can you please send this list of information to advisors (undergrad and grad)?
Thank you so much for your help!
-Kjersten and Maureen

ADVISING NOTES in preparation for Fall Registration 2013 Advising

*      Undergraduate Directing (THAR 3210) will only be offered once in the 13-14 academic year.  It will be a FALL class only.  Students (Juniors or Seniors) that need directing for their program (SM and Playwriting) or as an elective will need to make sure they take the class in the fall.

*      Undergraduates who are not in the performance program can fulfill the acting portion of their requirement by completing 1110 (fall) and 1130 (offered both semesters) or 1111 (spring)

*      Seminar options for the year will include 1 Graduate and 1 Undergraduate seminar in each semester.  As the schedules continue to develop for other DFT areas, there may be additional opportunities for seminars within those disciplines, but it is not a guarantee.

*      THAR 2390 - Design Skills: Text and Concepts will only be offered in the FALL.  Recommended for all students wanting more exploration of script analysis from a visual perspective. The only pre-req is Intro to Design. (Required for PD&T, and one of the electives for some other BFA programs, and BA's.)

*      All classes that are variable credit, such as practicums, must have the number of credits desired by the student selected at the time of registration.  The computer will default to the lowest number of credits in the credit range, unless this is changed by the enrollee.  Some classes may have a note on the course offerings page that provide information on suggested numbers of credits for students.  A typical practicum registration should follow the new university standard of classes being 3 credits, but you know your students needs best, so it may be different based on their progress toward graduation.

*      THAR 1730 - Play Analysis and Writing will be a FALL class; THAR 1720 - Elements of Performance will be a SPRING class.  This flip-flop was done to allow for potential development of a dance/theater/film collaboration creativity class in the spring, as discussed in the merger conversations.

*      THAR 2510 - Playwriting will only be offered in the FALL.  This course is recommended for students wanting to gain additional playwriting experience, and is required for those wishing to work toward a BFA in writing.

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