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Hi Michael:

One question in addition.  Is the college willing to financially support day long residencies or workshops at individual high schools?  Or is that something the school can budget in?   Going to the Louisville/Lexington ones over the last two years, I've felt that we could impact much more deeply if our engagement at the arts focused high schools was deeper and more personal.

I believe we should do Lexington/Louisville again, and I will do them (if no one else from Performance is available and interested).    I could be thrown in the mix for DC, Chicago or Cincinnati…no more than one if I'm doing Lexington/Louisville.   Two in total is the most i want to take on.


On Jun 25, 2013, at 4:40 PM, Lincoln, Michael wrote:

Dear Faculty and Staff,
As we continue to push for increased undergraduate populations, the College in increasing it's support and commitment to Performing Arts Fairs. Peg has set a goal for the College to increase undergraduate population by 100 for 2014-2015. This is one of the ways we can achieve that goal. Please read Norma's email below and let me know ASAP if you are available and interested in attending any of these fairs.

Michael Lincoln
Interim Director
Ohio University School of Theater
740 593-4818 (o)
917 301-5173 (c)

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Subject: Performing and Visual Arts (PVA) Fairs

Per our conversation in the Executive Council meeting today, I am forwarding more specific information regarding the recruitment fairs.   The handout you received lists the locations and dates of the 9 PVA fairs we agreed to attend and I've included the list below as well if you need it to distribute electronically.  For more complete information about these fairs, you should go to http://www.nacacnet.org/college-fairs/PVA-College-Fairs/Pages/default.aspx

For the past several years, in an effort to attract more talented students from out of state, we have been participating in selected national Fine Arts fairs.  In light of the RCM process and with the opportunity to capitalize on the Talent Trustee Awards  as well as the standard academic Trustee awards for another year ($6000 reduction in the non-resident fee), our presence at regional and national Performing and Visual Arts Fairs becomes even more critical to our recruitment efforts.

We need you or one of your dynamic staff members to attend one or more of these fairs to help recruit students for the entire college.  We will provide overview information and training for participants to assure a higher level of comfort and confidence in answering questions outside of one's own discipline.  Claire is working on a more coordinated PR materials for use at these events.

Once we get the names of interested participants,  we will send out additional information regarding the logistics of the trip.  The Office of Admissions has agreed to cover the registration costs in the past and the College will provide the travel expenses.  Depending on the demand, interest, location and our funding, we may be able to send 2 faculty rather than 1 to selected fairs.

In addition, we have been attending 2 state-wide high school Fine Arts fairs in Kentucky for the last 2 years.  Both faculty and current students have attended these fairs.  Opportunities exist for on-site auditions and portfolio reviews at these venues, so we could definitely take advantage of this if faculty/directors from different units could attend together.

Lexington, KY  Oct.31
Louisville,  KY Nov. 1

We are also looking into similar opportunities in surrounding states such as Ind., Ill., Mich., W. Va. and Pa. if available.

We need to know which of these fairs you or one of your faculty are willing to attend as soon as possible.

If you have any questions before Friday, please let me know.  Questions after this Friday should be directed to Maureen, of course.



The following PVA Fairs (highlighted in red) are on our registration/ participation list:


Monday, Sept. 23


Tuesday, Sept. 24

New York City

Wednesday, Sept. 25

Washington D.C.

Sunday, Sept. 29

Ft. Lauderdale

Monday, Sept. 30


Tuesday, Oct. 1

New Orleans

Thursday, Oct. 3


Sunday, Oct. 6

St. Louis

Monday, Oct. 7


Sunday, Oct. 13


Monday, Oct. 14


Tuesday, Oct. 15


Thursday, Oct. 17


Tuesday, Oct. 22


Wednesday, Oct. 23

Las Vegas

Thursday, Oct. 24

Los Angeles

Saturday, Oct. 26

San Francisco

Sunday, Oct. 27


Monday, Oct. 28


Tuesday, Oct. 29

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