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Lincoln, Michael lincolnm at ohio.edu
Wed Jun 19 13:51:14 EDT 2013

Dear Faculty and Staff,
Madeleine just related to me that we have an eleventh hour issue of acceptable naming related to the merger, which must be solved by July 1. The Board of Trustees approved the name The School of Dance Film and Theater. The Provost will not entertain revisiting that name change with the Trustees, even to add an S and call it "Schools of…" She also feels it is organizationally unacceptable to call ourselves School of Theater within another school. When it was explained that we were promised that we could keep the name School in our individual titles, she asked for the "functional objections" to alternative naming of the individual schools. So, first question: what do we lose if we can no longer call ourselves the School of Theater? If we lose that battle (and it seems highly likely that we will) second question: what is an acceptable substitute to the name school? No one particularly likes "department" but that is the most logical and better than division. The synonyms given by Microsoft Word are section, subdivision, division, branch, sector, unit, responsibility, area, realm. The Theater Unit? The Theater Realm? The Realm of Theater? The Brazilian version of department would be Departamento. That would be exotic. There is no Appalachian translation. I'm being facetious to a serious question because I have no better answer than Department. Please let me know your thoughts.

Michael Lincoln
Interim Director
Ohio University School of Theater
740 593-4818 (o)
917 301-5173 (c)

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