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Fiocchi, Barbara fiocchib at ohio.edu
Tue Jun 18 14:36:22 EDT 2013

To all Students, Faculty & Staff...

We have created a new set of calendars for the school of Theatre for the 2013-2014 school year.
The collection of links is available on our Theater home page,
The calendars are also available by following the links on the attachment,

Here are the different types:
SOT Production Calendar, general
This calendar has important academic dates, special weekends, audition dates.

Theater Schedules/ Techs & Shops
These calendars are specific to each theater space. It will contain all times/dates for performances, techs & dresses and shop calls. Any special events and guest performances will also be on these calendars in the appropriate venue.

Show Specific Calendars
These calendars are specific to the show. All rehearsals, production meetings, deadlines and fittings will be available on this calendar, which will be updated by the shows Stage Manager.

These calendars do not cross reference nor will they "merge". Meaning, each calendar is unique and has specific information. These were created in this way to reduce "duplicate" events as much as possible. For example, if the techs/dress dates were on the SOT production calendar, the show specific calendar and the theater space schedule, you would see those events listed 3 times. This makes for a very very crowded calendar. You can always hide or display a calendar in both your Google Account or iCal. If you choose neither of these options, you will only see one calendar at a time thru the website link.

Recommendations for who should have which calendar:

SOT General  Production Info- everyone.

Actors, directors, designers, technicians, wardrobe working on a specific show should subscribe to:
That specific show calendar and the theater calendar that your show will be performed in.

Shop heads, paint crews, electrics crews, carp crews should subscribe to:
All theater space calendars

These links are available thru the SOT website!!! Thank you Barbara! Simply click on "Production Calendars" on the right side of the home page.

The following are HTML links.
Here is a google calendar walk thru that generated by our amazing Stage Managers if you need a guide.
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