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Fri Jul 26 15:09:01 EDT 2013

If you have any ideas for submission, please let me know by Thursday (Aug. 1) of next week.

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Date: Friday, July 26, 2013 1:09 PM
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Subject: CALL FOR ITEMS - Ohio Today fall issue 2013

Hello all!

I have a submission timeline for items to be featured in Ohio Today Fall 2013 edition.

If you would like to submit suggestions/items to me, I need them no later than EOD on Thursday, August 1.

Here is what Ohio Today is looking for:

Ohio Today Fall 2013


Estimated mail-out date: Sept. 30


• Inside back cover (looking for a stand-alone element — person, building, activity — that is visually striking)

• “Last Word”: Looking for professor to highlight in one-page Q&A (must be willing to be photographed for this page)

• Any newsworthy items about student, staff, faculty accomplishments for Across the College Green

Thank you!

Claire Berlin

College of Fine Arts
Manager of Communications & Marketing

Jennings House
Athens, OH 45701-2979
T: 740.597.3340
F: 740.593.0570
berlinc at ohio.edu<applewebdata://673A9E01-A6CA-43B0-9E6E-0B8E0A4CF176/kiphart@ohio.edu>

From: Ohio Today <ohiotoday at ohio.edu<mailto:ohiotoday at ohio.edu>>
Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 11:53 AM
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Subject: Ohio Today fall issue 2013 preview


Please find attached a preview story outline for our fall issue of Ohio Today magazine.

We welcome your story suggestions regarding your colleges and campuses for our campus news section. Outstanding and unique student, faculty and staff accomplishments  can be shared in this section. Please share these no later than Aug. 7. (After that, I will hold the story ideas for spring — but they are still welcome.)

As always, we are also looking for interesting professors to highlight in the "Last Word" section in this and future issues. (They must be willing to be photographed to appear in this section!)

Please let me know if you have questions or comments.

(I have copied all college and regional PIOs. If I have inadvertently left anyone off the list, please do let me know.)

Thank you,
Mariel Jungkunz

University Advancement
Mariel M. Jungkunz
Editor, Ohio Today

McKee House 213
1 Ohio University
Athens OH 45701-2979
T: 740.593.1891
F: 740.597.9070
betancou at ohio.edu
www.ohio.edu • www.ohio.edu/ohiotoday

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