[Theaterfacultystaff] THEATER meeting August 23, 9am-1pm

Lincoln, Michael lincolnm at ohio.edu
Thu Jul 25 11:30:16 EDT 2013

Dear Faculty and Staff of THEATER,

You should have received the email below from Madeleine announcing the first DF&T combined meeting. In the morning prior to the combined meeting we will do our customary Theater faculty and staff meeting. Please reserve time starting at 9am, although when we get closer and Madeleine and I compare agendas, we may find that we can delay the start of our meeting. Stay tuned for Putnam room number and definite starting time.

As a reminder, there are still several outstanding NAST degree program narratives. We must have first drafts done this August 23 meeting. Both Madeleine and Peg want to review our NAST data before it is sent to the outside reviewers so we need to be complete by the Thanksgiving break at the latest. Please let me know if you have finished your first draft and sent it to Angie Ahlgren or myself, or if you plan on being done by the end of the summer, so that she and I can coordinate.

We have been tasked by the new Dean with 2 other assessment projects due even earlier in fall semester, so I will need some kind of help from everyone getting all that information completed. The Prioritization Project outcome will be the basis for budgeting and hiring decisions in the RCM budget to be generated by the Dean starting the end of fall semester. The AQIP project is the beginning of our University accreditation process. NAST is NAST, as you know. I'm attaching the outlines for the two assessment projects, just so you get a sense of the challenge ahead.

Also, don't forget the Welcome party for all THEATER faculty, staff and graduate students Saturday, August 24 beginning at 5:30pm, at 8 Cable Lane. As in the past the school will buy grilling items; please contribute a side dish.

In the meantime, enjoy the last 4 weeks of your summer! I will be out of the office the week of August 5th.

All the best,

Michael Lincoln
Director, Theater
School of Dance, Film and Theater
Ohio University
740 593-4818 (o)
917 301-5173 (c)

From: Scott, Madeleine
Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 2:51 PM
To: McAdoo, Debra
Subject: August 23 1-4pm meeting of DF&T-school

Dear Faculty and Staff of the School of Dance, Film, and Theater -

Welcome!  I'd like to invite you to a first "Meeting of the Clans" on August 23, 1 – 4, perhaps ending earlier than 4.

We hope the meeting will give everyone an opportunity to reconnect with those we know and meet those we don't know as well.  There's lots to learn about each other, lots to plan and many discussions ahead.  At meeting we'll provide an overview of what the work ahead will be and share general timelines for its completion. We also hope to hear from you about your questions and concerns.

But let's break bread together first….

Plans are to begin with lunch in Putnam from 1- 2:00 or so.  Dean Peg Kennedy-Dygas will join us for lunch and make a few remarks.  We are planning to have Kiser's do both BBQ and vegetarian entres.  We would like to supplement the entres with  potluck  contributions if people are amenable.  More on that as the date nears.

I hope you will all be well and truly refreshed after the summer.


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