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An excellent cause if you are in town this summer…

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Ohio University
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hope you made it home safely!

Is this something I could send to the SOT faculty or COFA faculty?  seems like a really cool event and a great way to support local food safety.


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Subject: Attend Bounty on the Bricks
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August 10, 2013
Court Street, Athens
7 PM - 10 PM
Tickets: $75
Register Now to Save your Seat!<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001UQ5CxPS0mKMsAgAeycmiipL94OXvhfTqHvY0qaCWyjteEga_o8LTzRbvHFXnP7OouDTcnZzDPwNEbr8IWFPLr-BKLBQPLo6kXMgyf5tyeKTUmeUTjdlCegCGPxfZpsnArd7WwhvTZUfzmVt9rnzsD7DYsxDTa-cYEcMyU_Z_VmJQj4X63kPPxr06BEdhC4V30_3iQ7dYhHCngCXJz7XZLbIS61VJpHh3ZqfIMl12Y0I=>

Call 740.594.6061<tel:740.594.6061>
Visit www.athensfoundation.org<http://www.athensfoundation.org>

Bounty on the Bricks will celebrate the treasures our local farmers produce, the beauty of Court Street and most importantly the generosity of the Athens community. Taking inspiration from Jonesborough, Tennessee, Chair Cheryl Sylvester and her committee are working to bring a harvest meal fundraiser to Court Street in Athens.  The event will use and celebrate local food while raising money to initiate a grant program to support enhanced capacity at local food pantries to serve more healthy foods.

Food pantries provide a valuable service in the community by making needed food accessible to low-income residents.  Increasing capacity will help prepare food pantries for a more coordinated and collaborative food system.

Hocking Colleges academic dean of hospitality Chef Alfonso Constisciani will work with local farmers to craft a gourmet meal.  Cash bars offering locally crafted beer and wine will be on hand. An entire city block will be closed for the evening while the table is set and the preparations made for the fundraiser.

Tickets will be available June 1 through the Athens Foundation and can be purchased online at athensfoundation.org<http://athensfoundation.org> or by calling 740-594-6061<tel:740-594-6061>. Cost for one ticket is $75.

The Athens Foundation is committed to a healthy, inclusive community where there are opportunities for all people and everyone is engaged.  Since 1986 the foundation has awarded nearly over $1,500,000 for Athens-area projects and services in grants.

Rain Location to be announced.

We have recently finalized the menu for the event and that is attached below so please take a look. You will be asked to choose a meal upon ticket purchase so please do so!


This event is sponsored in part by:

Athens Building Industries Association

Cornwell Rentals and Attractions

Holzer Health Systems

OU Credit Union

30 Mile Meal

This event is brought to you by:

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