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Fri Jan 25 11:17:45 EST 2013

PD&T Seniors, 2nd year and 3rd Year grads,

The Annual Portfolio Reviews will be held on Wednesday Jan. 30 beginning at 1pm until finished. 

WHAT IS THIS AND WHAT IS IT FOR?     This Portfolio Review is the old quarter system “Annual Winter Portfolio Review”.  The purpose of the portfolio review is to provide the student with the opportunity to show progress on the development of their portfolio as they progress toward their Final Exit Review.  This also provides the faculty with the opportunity to view the students work and provide input with regard to the progress being made.

DO I HAVE TO PARTICIPATE?   All PD&T undergraduate Seniors and Graduate level 2nd and 3rd year students are required to present. 
Undergraduate Juniors and Graduate 1st year students are encouraged to attend for the purpose of viewing/observing the process they will be participating in next year.  If Juniors and/or 1st year grads request to have their work reviewed, we will accommodate as time permits. They should plan on attending the entire event as they could be slid into an opening at any time.  Requests for a timeslot should be forwarded to Dan.

WHERE ARE THE REVIEWS HELD? This year’s portfolio review will be conducted in the Green Screen Room in Putnam, adjacent to the @Lab.  A schedule will be distributed by Friday, Jan. 28 by 1:00pm. 

WHAT IF I AM NOT AVAILABLE AT THE TIME I AM SCHEDULED TO PRESENT?    Scheduling difficulties are to be worked out in advance with Dan (denhart at ohio.edu by Tuesday Jan 29th at 1pm).  

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