[Theaterfacultystaff] Spring break, Lysistrata, Rehearsals, etc

Fiocchi, Barbara fiocchib at ohio.edu
Mon Feb 11 12:58:51 EST 2013

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Please make note of these upcoming changes and pass on to students, stage managers, production teams and anyone you can think of who will be affected by the changes.

No doubt most of you have heard that due to dorm closures for the beginning of Spring Break at 6pm on Friday, March 1, we are CANCELING the Friday, MARCH 1, 8pm evening and Saturday, MARCH 2, 2pm Matinee of Lysistrata. We'll know better next year. Dennis and I are already figuring out how to juggle the schedule to avoid the problem.

We are ADDING a performance of Lysistrata on Tuesday evening, Feb. 26 at 8pm.

Pre-strike will be Thursday evening Feb. 28 after the final performance.

Full strike will be Monday night, March 11 at 7pm. Anyone required to be at strike must be there, unless he or she has a written excuse from a faculty member citing rehearsal for another production or class that evening.

Additionally, Friday, March 1 rehearsals may be held but cannot require the attendance of anyone who lives in the dorms who must be out of the dorm at 6pm. Some productions have casts who do not live in the dorms at all. Full rehearsal can be held. In casts of off campus and dorm residents, rehearsals can be scheduled for scenes not involving cast members living in the dorms.

All rehearsals are cancelled for Saturday, March 2.

I think back nostalgically about the quarter schedule!

All the best,

Michael Lincoln
Interim Director
Ohio University School of Theater
740 593-4818 (o)
917 301-5173 (c)

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