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FYI. Improvements coming to Faculty & Advising Center…..

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Subject: Course Offerings and Faculty & Advising Center

TO:  Deans, Associate and Assistant Deans, Chairs and Directors, Regional Campus Student Services Directors, Department Support Staff

Please share this with your colleagues, as you deem appropriate.

Good afternoon,

I would like to make you aware of a planned upgrade and a couple of changes to systems you likely use on a frequent basis.

Planned Upgrade:

·       The Faculty & Advising Center will not be available this evening from approximately 10:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. If you go to the Faculty & Advising Center, you will get a message that the system is unavailable due to a planned upgrade.

Course Offerings:

·       After the upgrade, the Term selection box will appear differently. Rather than arrows appearing to indicate a drop-down list, the term selection will be a simple box. The default term will appear in the box, and if you would like to change the term, you may do so by clicking in the box. The drop-down list of available terms will appear in descending order. You may also select multiple terms by clicking on each one or pressing “enter” when the term is selected.

Faculty & Advising Center:

·       After the upgrade, if you are an advisor or have department/school/college/campus access, then you will likely have another option on the Advising menu:  Advisees – Historical. (You will not see this option if you are only the advisor for currently enrolled students.)

·       The Advisees option will continue to list your advisees (or students in majors/minors/certificates in your department/school/college/regional campus) who are currently enrolled, who are eligible to enroll in a current or future term, or who have applied for graduation for the most recent term (i.e., fall).

·       The Advisees – Historical option includes students who have graduated or who have been enrolled in the past ten years, but are not otherwise on the Advisees list for the same college and major/minor/certificate. For example, a student who graduated five years ago with a baccalaureate degree and who is currently pursuing a master’s degree will appear in both Advisees and Advisees – Historical. The student will have the major code for the baccalaureate degree in the Advisees – Historical list and the major code for the master’s degree on the Advisees list.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please email registrar at ohio.edu<mailto:registrar at ohio.edu> or call 740.593.9602 to have your call directed to the appropriate staff person.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.


Debra M. Benton
University Registrar
Ohio University
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