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>Dear OU Faculty,
>Are you interested in using a student response system (clickers) during
>Spring semester 2014? If so,
>we need to know right away so that we can purchase everything you will
>need. Please complete the
>Clicker Request Form
>To faculty, the system is free. Each participating instructor will
>receive a free kit that includes
>a receiver and transponder. The software is available as a free download.
>Students will pay $34.00 to purchase a clicker which comes with a
>complimentary one-year
>ResponseWare license for Spring 2014. ResponseWare allows the student to
>use their own mobile device
>as a secondary input device just like a clicker. This means that students
>will be able to use the
>clicker or a smart device at their instructors discretion without any
>additional cost. It is ALWAYS
>the instructor's prerogative to allow students to use mobile devices in
>class in place of clickers.
>Students who purchase new clickers will have both options. Students may
>use the same device in
>multiple courses as well as for consecutive semesters during their
>college career. We have kept
>costs low by selling these devices/licenses through the Tech Depot.
>A student response system allows students to interact during a lecture.
>Students often shy away from answering questions in large lecture
>classes, fearing the embarrassment
>of answering incorrectly in front of peers. A student response system
>allows all students  not just
>a vocal minority  to answer the instructor's questions. Instructors can
>use student responses to
>gauge comprehension, respond to misconceptions, address ambiguities,
>generate dialogue, open new
>avenues of discussion, and otherwise engage students. You can collect
>individual responses from
>hundreds of students at once to gauge student comprehension during a
>During a lecture the instructor will ask a question. Students respond
>using a hand-held device,
>called a clicker or (if the instructor chooses to allow them) using the
>student's mobile device
>(smart phone, laptop, iPad, etc.). The student responses are then
>displayed as a graph. The
>instructor can discuss the results with the class. You are now able to
>receive input from all
>students in your class, regardless of whether they are using a clicker
>(radio frequency response
>card) or a mobile device at the same time! Turning Technologies and Ohio
>University have partnered
>to support the use of response technology for all interested faculty.
>TurningPoint is available for both Mac and PC. It allows for both clicker
>input and web-based
>polling using mobile devices.
>Yes. We offer one-on-one consultations (usually about 90 minutes) in
>Alden Library Faculty Commons
>to show you how to get started.
>If would like to learn more call or email us your questions.
>Mike Roy
>Instructional Design Specialist
>Academic Technologies
>roy at ohio.edu <mailto:roy at ohio.edu>

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