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>Alex Nicosia 1st yr. MFA actor
>He lost his apartment keys sometime last night and is wondering if anyone
>has found them.  There are identifying tags on it‹store cards, a Summit
>keychain, etc.  If you have seen them or have them, please look for Alex.
>Greg 3rd yr. MFA playwright
>Tonight is Madness at 11PM.  Theme is ³Mirror Madness.²
>Professor Wilder
>She is working on her certification in Alexander technique and is in need
>of students to help her out.  Wednesday 3:45PM, bring an
>activity/something to work on with her.  While she is working with you
>she will be skyping with someone.  There is a sign up on her door.  Her
>office is in the basement ­ ³Secret Agent 007².  15 min ­ 30 min. lesson.
>Greg Atkin ­ Junior Studio
>Last day to register to vote is October 9th.
>PSA compliments of Kihresha Redmond, Freshman
>For those of you who have chocolate allergies, red velvet cake is made of

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