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>Lunch Bag Notes 9-21-12
>Brian Steele ­ Jr. Studio
>His fraternity is having October Summit in regards to the upcoming
>election; Brian is coming up with a skit and is in need of actors (no
>memorizing) October 6th at Walter Hall 145.  For further information and
>to volunteer your services please contact Brian at b.steele25 at gmail.com
>Emily Auwaeter ­ Jr. Studio
>Emily needs to sell 50 bracelets in order to go to the conference she has
>been talking about.  If you or someone you know is interested in
>purchasing bracelets to help Emily and her cause, please approach her!
>Bianca Sams ­ MFA Playwright
>Tonight¹s Madness is being produced by Patsie Varkados.    The theme is
>³Coming of Age.²  Get your tickets at 10:15PM, Madness begins at 11PM in
>the Hahne.  
>Shoshana Blair
>Emily Lerer needs a subleaser for next semester because she is moving to
>NYC.  If you are interested plase call her at 513-673-6470
>Jewish Women of Ohio Event - Sunday 3PM
>21 Mill St. for Yoga & Yogurt (Women only, sorry fellows).    If you have
>further questions regarding this free event, please contact Shoshana at
>Javier ­ Jr.
>There is an election coming up.  Javier would like to remind everyone to
>vote and to be nice to each other regardless of differing political
>Gregory Atkin ­ Jr. Studio
>October 9th is the last day to register to vote.  If you don¹t register
>by then, you will need to bring in a utility bill and ID (if you¹re not
>from OH).
>United Campus Ministries (UCM) on Tuesdays at 9PM.  Free food.  They ask
>that you bring Tupperware (not necessary) and a $3 donation.  18 College
>We need crew members for Dog Sees God and All This Intimacy ­ wardrobe,
>organizing backstage, etc.  If you are interested in this opportunity,
>which counts for practicum hours in Intro to Grad Studies, please contact
>Jeremy via email at Js481809 at ohio.edu.
>This counts for practicum hours.
>Kristin ­ 3rd year costume design/President of TAGS
>TAGS is currently trying to design a T-Shirt for the School of Theatre.
>The theme is ³Connect.²  TAGS  is putting together a T-Shirt design
>contest.  See the TAGS board in the basement.  TAGS will also be
>producing ³Haunted Athens² to raise funds.  If you¹re interested in
>helping out please check the TAGS announcement board.  TAGS is also
>holding a candy drive.  There will be a box in the office on the 3rd
>floor for donations.  Candy donations will be used for outreach with the
>children of Athens during Trick or Treat night downtown.
>How does someone reserve a ticket for Madness?
>Answer:  Show up at 10:15PM in the lobby by the door that leads to the
>Hahne.  You must be present at the theatre when the doors open or you
>will lose your seat.
>Special Request from Barbara Fiocchi:
>Promoting Experience the Arts Day
>Go to the School of Theatre FaceBook page, find the blue flyer, share it
>with friends who are in high school, educators, etc. to spread the word
>about this wonderful event.
>Maureen¹s ideas for Parents Weekend
>Come to Madness
>Go to the Athena to see the Holy Grail
>Go to the Kennedy Museum ­ exhibits that are up right now are extremely
>accessible and the Contemplative Cameras exhibit is about Navajo
>Code-talkers.    There is an exhibit opening tonight and there are free

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