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Faculty-Led Short Term Theatre Study News
Theatre & Dance Edition.   September 2012


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It's not too late to plan for 2013!

Spring Break &


Click here...to request a proposal<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001h5jExgL_f4bomUyDQxV3T0ibdzAfU9iF4b5y6HwUuhB84Q9lqi7UPvBmCQHU2N4ZLs9ukb0t-8atcrNcditHvdkY47n30_mkJppGKv8SME8hF5Mst8tfHAQcfOosPSugX0CwOG0D4GW-v2AysOxBBZmqf4CXrjKvD5j6WAtZYrUizLpejVPA8dYTytZaUjMF9t5sHtkuVYVEClm4b8OHWrNGQXoUXA3Y1p8lBokZhJwubsL8QNH1SmmNFzgvLsOo4w8czOMamVjBDL6Ed4J1hyzSjnXYi2bLlYYUNr7HuPWSB8zKqy5vsy_i9pRBVTfT>

Custom short term faculty-led theatre tours

Select Travel Study is Europe's oldest provider of short term faculty-led theatre and dance programmes into Great Britain, Europe and Russia.

Donmar Announces 2013 Season.


London's Donmar Warehouse has announced three new productions taking its season to June 2013.

 *   An all-female version of William Shakespeare's JULIUS CAESAR opening 4 Dec 2012. Directed by Phyllida Lloyd, and starring Frances Barber (Julius Caesar), Harriet Walter (Brutus), Cush Jumbo (Mark Anthony), It is designed by Bunny Christie, with lighting by Neil Austin.
 *   TRELAWNY OF THE WELLS by Arthur Wing Pinero, opening 26 Feb 2013 running to 13 Apr 2013. Directed by Joe Wright, designed by Hildegard Bechtler. Rose Trelawny is the brightest star in the firmament of the Wells, the theatre company that raised her from birth. But she's prepared to give it all up for the love of her stage-door suitor, aristocratic Arthur. His family are less convinced of her charms, however, and her joyful challenge to their dreary, snobby existence shocks them to their core.
 *   THE WEIR by Conor McPherson, directed by Josie Rourke, opening 25 Apr 2013 running to 8 June 2013. In Brendan's pub, isolated above the town, the men are gathering for their daily pint. The arrival of a stranger in their midst - a woman -spurs them to impress her with stories. They are stories of souls past and of spirits very much present. But one story is more chilling and more real than any of the men could have foreseen.

London's Fringe: still a bargain!


At least once a year we tout the tremendous value offered by London's fringe scene, so here we are again.  Intimate venues, edgy productions and bargain ticket prices... what more do you need to know.   Short runs make these excellent last minute delights, perhaps not appearing until just a few weeks before your program's scheduled departure date.  Here's just a few venues we suggest you keep an eye on when making your production selections for January trips:

Lion and Unicorn Theatre (north London) - shortly opens Silenty Shakespeare a novel presentation of some of the best known scenes and characters almost entirely without words.

Tabard Theatre (west London) - currently playing Please Wait Patiently details a true story when a unclaimed case in a post office reveals 30 years of love letters told in a wonderful fusion of music and physical story telling.

Theatre Royal Stratford East - in the shadows of the 2012 Olympic Stadium this is one of of favourite venues.  Now the athletes and crowds have left, September heralds the arrival of Wha Wha Girls a wonderful Bollywood musical set against the backdrop of this very area of present day London.

Others worthy of a mention: Queens Hornchurch, Hens and Chickens and The Tricyle in Kilburn.

So work a few of these into a short term program and you'll add value in more ways than one.

Are we the right partner for you?


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Select Travel Study is the doyen of short term and faculty-led theatre programs to Europe and Russia.  Our own offices located in the UK, continental Europe and Russia are unrivalled in terms of both scope and depth of expertise.  Our US office supports the faculty and study abroad offices with comprehensive planning services.

We work hand in glove with faculty and study abroad to create a truly bespoke short study program for theatre, dance and technical theatre, which meets your academic objectives within your budget and time constraints.  Most important of all faculty remains in total control of every aspect of the trip throughout the design and implementation process.

View some sample programs:

Costume Design<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001h5jExgL_f4aLG629qcD9pHUBuKqIlDMdNpH5I4E9scm_PrCYlx2VoUtowoJzJEQWNi90P1PZpIIkD64GN_Px27yBW9PUrcrmPpdtXgQSa2gkQwcY4fGUPY1e_P6qEKh-RNp9w3SQYLZG-9X4fqQqZSDoytLEAipT5YUdST3z6V20jsmIhCoxN-R0IgVvoYZ82S3YPDCsze1lfUIX8mesR7ScofVCPY7FGRm9ME6tyrXDvqRYga7LEmnF7-vUlIgOOObso4uoFS9DKZYZnkM95DRNTE7oIIoH1TzGTo0q-MvwjrvFvcbh3SUthwah82O0TU77vY0xvtg=>
Theatrical Studies in London<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001h5jExgL_f4agQX-UzsTOvfLi4oBGK5P0Uu3JGuaBPtKvEbzGt3004-vkcGkdy-U4KerWhFG37xX-n4mBGRUFK0GvTd4BAXgYgjjQEltry2mdGs-0fdk8-1x9kiyaVxErJXQjODA1oIXavKS3etGPvlHgXz0q3Q9_OND_txF6Crz3C4-cFZvqfKEcMo8V1Mx1z4His_rX7A7x7rEWeBgywmO6S47ePVt0F3Q-qzeEVb6wS_BYOjzeQ5MU-tXr3btTB6pehurBJ6KNEBhlCOYuf5eg29djO5vUc_IgRHEpjJDm4Lr0qMLP3f6Ramvnbt5akw44wvYYz1E=>
Russian Theatre Studies<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001h5jExgL_f4ZXLq4eCDu6sdiKDctUrN0L9jQ89fki7l_4qfdU88Ws44fUbfLq6BbLfxSjqIc2wA6QzLhJMMIUMbyisfXoZ8T2rpDB8YPX71IskMk7Q8XD6zFwpt8hLaN0DfN9fcnXRtA-KiFgnXCuAayPmztKA24_JSVnPpM_mRXF_90j-_ezmtIo8GO2sYI_Fb6IqjoaLq64CpNixideUgF7GG9aMIJXqPYkNj4ZX4b-miJUSIoPK1UwwLrWGN-rRUcZd5y9a3ZIBi3wDxW2-82BEo4Sst0CYee2tDXYxvCa0p5Oi5RFZpGu0iSJPPANiVXavDrRAiI=>
Dance and the Performing Arts<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001h5jExgL_f4bfDuigCqXT9KRWOA25PJY9xMaTLWd6rPOAr9bfLvxqbVEtejYsbmpJCFcUOnPM3F3xSKzUi53fb1hWYw80FCAH9fBP3-fI8MBs4GBUd-sn1LNiky6JMtc7V9a8avAjM29bHcNSGIr6cggYTdHpn2nui57kmLk_oomQ0LhkKGTaeOEqTimaSSSR1mjOv1OSOsZaKZ_1hpaSEQOXzZkK9edqcVY-gAPLlnOHh_CgYX68goLKhUKnwi-sW9Ejem5gZTeaXcBH6b0F3CJti-pHZVellKOXP734Q8Qymj2s_JCBIKHadqyPQlh1tQe3DRv67XY=>

 *   We bring you local European expertise with the reassurance and accessibility of two corporate offices in the USA.
 *    Over 78 years of experience in the theatre and educational international tour arena.
 *    You work directly with the experts and achieve significant cost savings.
 *   Our European contacts, creative programming and personal service are essential to the success of every study tour we operate.
 *   We make your life easy. All you have to do is collaborate with us to approve the tour and academic programming and then promote the program on campus. We do the rest.  If you prefer a greater degree of control, that's fine too.  This is your trip, and we are in business to serve your institution in a manner which best suits you.
 *   Of course all faculty travel free of charge.

Call:800.752.6787  or Email Us<mailto:travelstudy at selecttravel.com?>

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