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Thank you to our special guest, Lara Wilder, who was delightful, inspiring and wonderful.

And  the announcements, brought to you by Alycia Kunkle.

 *   Maureen
    *   During Parents Weekend (September 21, 22, and 23) the Athena Cinema will be screening Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Further information can be found at http://www.ohio.edu/parents/familyweekends/02.cfm
    *   On Tuesday, September 11th at 1 p.m. Randy Cohen will be speaking in the Forum Theatre.  Mr. Cohen has been contracted by the Athens Municipal Arts Commission to examine arts and economic prosperity in Athens County.  Further information on Randy Cohen can be found at http://blog.artsusa.org/author/randy-cohen/
 *   Emily Auwaerter – Junior Studio
    *   Emily is still selling jewelry from her personal collection and passion themed bracelets to fund her trip to a Christian conference in January and to donate to the cause the conference is supporting this year which is against human trafficking.  See her to make your purchases.
 *   Anthony – 2nd Yr. M.F.A. Playwright
    *   “Midnight Madness” is tonight at 11PM, please arrive around 10:15PM.  The theme is “What Happens in Vegas…”
 *   Tess Stevens – Sophomore Studio
    *   Tess fronts a pop punk band that will be playing an acoustic show at the Donkey tomorrow (9/8) at 8 p.m.  Cost:  $3.00.
 *   Dan Baker
    *   Dan is in a band that will be playing the Donkey tonight (9/7).  Cost:  $3.00.
 *   Andy Haftkowycz – Junior Studio
    *   Andy will be going to Malaysia over Christmas break to work on a film project.  He and his team are in need of 1 Male actor and 1 Female actor to do screen tests on Sunday, September 15 from 12PM to 7PM.  This is a great opportunity for actors new to film to practice as the footage will not actually be used.  If interested, please contact Andy at 216-288-2564 or Will Holzer at 216-224-4544.
 *   Dan Dennis – 5th year Ph.D.
    *   Dan will be leading a physical “Oxy Rhythms” warm-up 8AM-8:45AM in Kantner 306 Monday-Friday for the next 2 weeks.  This is open to everyone and you do not need to commit to coming every day.  After the 2 weeks, Dan will be away for a month but will return sometime near Halloween and morning warm-ups will continue.  This is a FREE ongoing event that will teach foundation voice work. Your attendance would be very helpful to Dan and his studies.
 *   Jess Link – Senior Studio & Becky Markert – Junior Studio
    *   Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or with someone who you think may be.  Instead, call Jess at 513-378-6240 and she will pick you up.  You can also call Becky at 216-235-9741; if she’s sober, she’ll drive you.
 *   Liam Pal – Theatre Historian
    *   Today is National Grape Kool Aid Day
    *   Liam’s “Pal Project” has been moved to next Friday at the Donkey on Washington St. at 10PM.  He promises a “fierce and fabulous” evening full of musical theatre and childhood memories.
    *   The OU Escort Service can be reached at 740-593-4040.  If you do not feel safe at night walking back to your dorm, give them a call and they will walk you back and potentially drive you back in a golf cart.
 *   Rachel
    *   Safety Patrol does not walk you home off-campus.
 *   Professor Rebecca Vernooy
    *   Take responsibility and use common sense (regarding alcohol and parties).  Do not walk home by yourself at 4AM, this is when bad incidents occur.
 *   Kaila Benford – Junior Studio
    *   Kaila is in need of a roommate for the rest of the semester.  She lives at 25B N. Congress St.  You can call her at 216-990-9534.
 *   Rosemary Callahan
    *   Rosemary is still looking to create and produce a renaissance show and is looking for collaborators.  Approach her if interested.
 *   Tyler – Junior Video Production

Tyler is directing a comedy sketch series on“Life in Athens.”  Auditions will be next week, shooting will begin on September 22nd.  If interested please contact him at td112309 at ohio.edu

Maureen Wagner
Assistant Director School of Theater
Project Director Arts for Ohio
Kantner Hall 307
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