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>Lunch Bag 11-16-12
>Barbara Fiocchi SOT Sweetheart
>PROCESS PRODUCTION PHOTOS NEEDED– candid shots of you in your
>shop/studio.  Specifically looking for photos of PEOPLE striking,
>building, designing, working, rehearsing, etc. Email these to Barbara at
>fiocchib at ohio.edu
>Faculty evaluations will now happen via the Internet.  Please make sure
>that you actually fill out the online faculty evaluations.  More
>information will be shared soon.
>If you encounter a pre-requisite issue, you should email the instructor
>of record for that class.  If it is a theatre class, you can see Maureen
>for a green slip.  The computer may be wrong and give you false
>information, so be proactive and take some initiative.
>Emily Auwaerter Jr. Studio
>Emily needs to buy a plane ticket now to get to the Christian conference
>she’s been fundraising for!  So please see her to buy bracelets and other
>fun jewelry.  It’s almost the holidays!  Think of the possibilities.  ☺
>Neal Adelman First Yr. MFA Playwright
>Tonight is Yard Sale Madness!  This is the first Madness that Neal is
>producing, so come on out for an awesome Madness and show some support.
>11PM in the HAHNE (not off campus as previously announced)  Arrive at
>10:15PM for tickets.
>Shoshana Blair Sophomore
>Still recruiting for the Israel Summer Abroad Program.  If you have any
>questions or would like some further information, contact Shoshana at
>sb757010 at ohio.edu, Danielle Leshaw at leshawd at ohio.edu, or Kevin Haworth
>at Haworth at ohio.edu.
>Voigt Hall Murder Mystery has been postponed to next semester January
>19th and there will be tons of parts available!  If interested, contact
>Shoshana at the email address listed above or Jayme Pollock at
>jp325408 at ohio.edu
>Rosemary Jr.
>Still looking for people to be involved in a Renaissance show the first
>Saturday in April.  If you’re interested, please contact Rosemary at
>rc264209 at ohio.edu or 614-806-1554.  Get involved, people!  This is a cool
>opportunity and IT MIGHT BE PAID.  

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