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Scott, Madeleine scottm at ohio.edu
Thu May 17 09:31:54 EDT 2012

Dear All,

We have many changes ahead and some still underway in terms of their resolution.  But there are some we can identify at this point.

To begin with and most fundamentally, we are all very pleased that Michael Lincoln has agreed to serve as Interim Director and that the dean has appointed him to the post.  He and I are already working together on transitional issues.  I know he will do an excellent job, have all confidence in his ability to take on this role and to serve the school in a fair and impartial manner.

As part of this transition we have been able to secure an additional GIV post that will provide the School with curricular delivery in lighting design, stage management and  production management.    A position description and posting on the HR site will be concluded shortly.  We hope for a quick search, likely without including campus visits for candidates.

Additionally, we are very pleased to note that Jeanette Buck will teach stage management for us fall term.  We are glad to welcome her again as she has provided an essential contribution to our stage management program.  The GIV position will deliver stage management courses spring term.  Since Jeanette – and the school of film and other residents of Lindley have been dispossessed this next year, her "alternate" office in Kantner might even be more of a main office for her.

There are more shifts ahead. As soon as we finalize and fit other pieces of the puzzle in place you will hear about it.

Meanwhile, congrats to all on WIFA – a great effort and a very fun event.  I know how big a challenge it placed on all, but it was terrific.

Best wishes on the Festival too.
Looking forward to it.

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