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Dear Sirs,

I write to ask them if they know a young English actor who might be interested in working on our monitor Art Theatre and Music Summer Camps in Catalonia, Spain, for three weeks in July, from 30 June to 22 July ?

Should live 3 weeks in Summer Camps, should be 3/4 hours of classes in the theater workshop.

  This year we offer to young people: "Neutral Mask Theatre Workshop", and for children: "Puppet Manipulation Workshop".

The applicant should also support the sport and leisure.

Would a group of 10/12 children in their care with shared responsibility with other monitors.

The salary is what marks the agreement of specialized instructors.

The request made to extend this message to those deemed to comply with the requirements:

* Above all it is native, native English.
* Actor or actress who has studied "theater mask" or "Comedy of Art"
* With experience in teaching children from 6 to 16 years
* They may be living full-time for 3 weeks in the Summer Camps.

I'll be there during your stay. We are a team that worked together for years and we very future. There are very good atmosphere. Students are educated and healthy people, faithful to the Summer Camps.

This is the blog where you will find information about Summer Camps:


Waiting for your kind response and say good by to wish you a good day


Agnès Miralbell
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