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Hello All,

I just took a walk through the Vom.

Electrics should post a sign designating parts of truss as "not trash".
Sound has a cart there that needs to come home.

There are some mirrors, a TV, and a few other things of unknown origin. They may be important to someone.

I am posting a work order about the water in the dimmer room.

I'm glad to help move or "interpret" any items there, let me know if you need help.

The stairwell doors (crashbars) are in the locked open position. I am going to make it so the doors lock when closed.


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Subject: [Theaterfacultystaff] The Forum cleaning

Hello all,
I just had a meeting with Steve Mack, from facilities.  Steve will be bringing in extra crews to clean The Forum Theater, Vom, staircase going up to RTV 153, and the classroom/entryway to 153.

To prepare for this cleaning, we need to make sure that we get rid of, or save anything on the floor!
RTV 153, any materials or projects need to be up off of the floor (I will let Steve know about Thar 230, 9-11 on Monday)

Vom, they will keep the large rubber mats but there is a lot of trash that we need to move out.  ( I have talked to Dan about moving the trash out)
There are some things in The Vom that I am not sure if they are trash or not, please review what you might have in the Vom as to whether you would like to keep it or not. (and move it to the trash bins if you don’t want it)
Steve is hoping to get cleaning crews into The Forum Monday and Tuesday of next week, during the day, so that the cleaning will be done for our 75th festivities!

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