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Maureen welcomes us all back.

-THAR 090 & THAR 101 have been combined into the lunchbag hour.

-THAR 101 students need to sign-in at Lunch-Bag. The sheet is located by the main doors on a podium.

-lunchbag this quarter will end at 12:50 (12:10-12:50)


Juggling Club! Indoor location: Mortin 201 2-7pm , Outdoor location: college green by the statue

Ira Gamerman

Madness!!! K308 “Everyone gets trapped in an elevator Madness!” 11pm. Get there around 10:30 for a ticket. Limited seating.

Matt Marceau

Looking for a roommate (Putnam Square Apartments)

Andy Black

5pm 108 Grad Student Meeting Today

Nick Hahnn

17 Byard, party after madness tonight

Prof. St. Lawrence

THAR 090 & THAR 101 Blackboard has a wealth of content. Info on internships and jobs etc.

Andy Danford

Freshman, welcome! Join us for lunch after this!


Show at Front Room tonight 9:15, Dan Baker is also performing

Barbara Fiocchi

Center for International Studies, Concert Oct. 1st, need lighting assistants, talk to Barb

Sonja Matta & Caroline Nesbit

Boxcar Burlesque “Hobo’s Holiday” Show

10 bucks if you buy tickets ahead of time at Oh Betty’s. $15 at door.

Show Sat 7pm-2am Ridges Auditorium

Arian Pal

-The Pal Project, starting winter quarter (puppets)

-3rd Floor Baker Center LGBT Office

-International Teddy Bear Day, today

Arielle Giselle Rogers

F-Word, performance art group meets K306 Sundays at 7

Dan Baker

Needs 1M 1F actor for a special secret project winter quarter

email him dbplays at gmail.com <mailto:dbplays at gmail.com>

JR Pierce

He needs Colt’s fan with cable to find him.


-Be proactive in contacting your academic advisors. Only get your info from your advisor, not your peers.

-Undergrad 2nd year students will be getting a new academic advisor

What I did last summer

Javier - Europe

Sonja - Ghana

Caroline Nesbit - Worked at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Talk to her about Thailand.

Michael & David Russel - Santa Fe Opera, in their awesome prop shop (Get pictures of the lion for notes)

Jess Link - New York YMCA

Matt Van Slyke - OVST, don’t fuck with your stage manager, be nice to each other

Laurie Kurns - Went to Italy, Venice, learned about Gondoliers

Arian Pal - Monomoy

We’ll finish stories next week, and we’ll include Laurie’s video link too.

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