[Theaterfacultystaff] Preparations for Meeting on Monday with Dean etc.

Scott, Madeleine scottm at ohio.edu
Wed Feb 23 16:40:21 EST 2011

Hello all,

My spamming email troubles seem to be behind me.  (Hope you didn’t get an offer from me for 43 million dollars)

We have a faculty meeting with Chuck on Monday at noon.  I encourage you to read the “white paper” he sent on the future of the college.  The meeting will be an opportunity to discuss thoughts about it. I have attached the pdf sent by sharon ball to this email.

For your review, I have attached a document prepared by Kjersten that looks at our degree and requirements according to the DARS.  It offers a different way to look at what curriculum we need to deliver and might be helpful for our future discussions.

We got an email from Jeff Redefer in media arts.  He responded agreeing to our request for students not to use the elevator during production until Mar. 6.  But he also asked us to help with eliminating sound disruption that affects their class delivery on the 2nd floor of the RTV bldg.  Media Arts faculty have had to cancel classes because of the noise.

In the interests of all our classes and their delivery how can we accommodate their request?


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