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Sent on behalf of Madeleine Scott;
Please take the time to read the attachment before the meeting with the Dean on February 28th at 12:10 in Kantner 108

From: McWeeny, Charles
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Subject: please send to faculty and staff

Good Morning,

As you know last Spring I formed the Future of the College Committee whose charge was to help determine a new structure of the college that would help guide the College to an organizational model that articulated new opportunities for growth, collaboration, reorganization and interdisciplinarity, and  was flexible and adaptable to changing realities. I have attached the summary paper from the committee that outlines the need for change and some recommendations that will help us redefine the college in the current environment.   This document is the culmination of many months of discussions and deliberations by the committee. It represents the outcomes that the committee and I feel offers the best possibilities to maintain the high quality that has been at the core of the historical success of this college while providing a potential structure of the college for the future.

Although yesterday a meeting was scheduled (March 4) for the college, it appears that there are several school wide conflicts so I will be re-scheduling that meeting and will shortly announce another College-wide meeting to provide a forum to talk about this document, answer questions you might have and discuss next steps in the process.  I hope you will take the time to familiarize yourself more thoroughly with the thoughts and determinations outlined in this document and I look forward to our meeting in the near future.



Chuck McWeeny
College of Fine Arts
Ohio University
Athens, OH

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