[Theaterfacultystaff] FW: Lunchbag Announcements

Wagner, Maureen wagnerm at ohio.edu
Fri Feb 4 16:42:11 EST 2011

For more information about the Future Women of Appalachia:
FWOAOhio at gmail.com

-Tonight at  4 to 6:30pm in Glidden, Slyvia McNair-Grammy Award winning
vocal performer offering a masterclass today
-Tonight graduate art student opening from 6-9pm in Seigfried, students can
also be taken to the Ridges to view other art work
-Tomorrow, second year film screenings at The Athena
-Feb. 11th- Feb. 17th Athena producing Arts for Ohio Cinematech "Fractured
Environments" hosted by Linda Lillienfeld (sp?) film researcher
Matt Marceau
-playwrights, consider Matt for your madness, thanks
Jason Hall
-"Red" Madness tonight @11pm in the Hahn
Mark Mixon
-Group of graduate designers putting on voice and art piece for class
looking for group of 30 actors w/ a Monday night performance
Arian Pal
-February is national condom month, national black history month, national
adopt a rabbit month, Egypt- be informed, watch the news, write your
governor for LGBT rights
-lost keys, two big gold SOT keys, if found, please return to the prop shop
Javier Alladren
-Performing in two shows- first at Jeff Hall, the other at The Donkey,
Thursday @ 9pm, Javier's album released March 18th
Dan Baker
-8:30pm at the Front Room Dan is performing
Brian Steele
-Brian wants to act- he's ready, he's willing, he's talented- help the guy
Allie McCarthy
-needs actors for 48 hour shootout for media arts, please contact Allie if
you are able to commit for the weekend
Lorraine Wochna
-ask Lorraine for help with all your library needs, Cinematech is free
-Wednesday night @ Walter Hall, lecture from stop animator for Coraline,
more info coming soon


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