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Here is our textbook information for anyone teaching a class, it is required that you post what textbooks you are using for your class.  Let me know if you have any questions.
The textbook information that you note for your classes will then be sent electronically to the local bookstores.
Please note that if your class is not using a textbook, you need to put that information into the textbook system.

*        New textbook system
There is a new system for ordering textbooks beginning with fall quarter. The change was made necessary because of a recently enacted law that requires cost information for courses (such as textbooks and materials) to be made available to students at the time of registration.
go to this page www.ohio.edu/registrar<http://www.ohio.edu/registrar>
-click on 'textbook system' link listed under Faculty and Staff in the left hand column,
-on the next page click on Connect to the Ohio University Textbook System at the top of the page,
 -you will then be asked for your Oak ID and Password
-click 'Manage', on the top toolbar and choose 'classes' from the drop down menu.
-There will be a green plus sign by every class that you are allowed access to, follow the steps at top of the page
-After putting in your book information, click on the 'Add as a Resource' button.
-The information that you list will then be sent to the bookstores and ordered.  If you have the ISBN number for your book the system will search and add most or all other information needed. If the program does not add the approximate price of the book you will need to add that information.
If you have graduate students teaching classes in your area you are responsible for advising them in this system and supervising their book choices, they will be getting this training as part of their TA information from Grad College and School of Theater.

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