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Subject: Lunchbag Announcements

-Today at 4pm in Baker Theater, Project Trio Group is holding a workshop entitled, Finding Your Voice-Creating Your Non-Profit, Baker Student Center Theater
-tonight from 7-8pm, Project Trio will be holding an improvisation workshop with Hip-Hop Congress- School of Music Room 494
-Project Trio will be having a concert tomorrow night at 8pm, Mem Aud FREE
- The Hahne Theater will be closed for spring quarter
-Sonorous Presence, Chinese-US Experimental Collaborative,  April 5th @7:30pm in Glidden

Greg Aldrich
-Kickstart matching donation for Mortar Theater Company, go to Greg's or Ira's or Leean's Facebook page for the link. Mortar needs to raise $2,600 in the next 8 days in order to reach the matching amount of $10,000- for a total of $20,000 for this Alumnus driven theater company, only $5 minimum donation

Arian Pal
-Bush Administration changed April Fools Day to National Fun Day, today is, ironically, National Alcohol Awareness Month and National Child Abuse Awareness Month, Arian is looking to work on his own show, The Pal Show, actors, costumers would be needed- more to come

Sarah Bowden
- Madness tonight at 11pm in room 308, this week's theme: Babble Madness

Dylan Combs
-Shawn Grindle's new play Graffiti will be at ArtsWest Saturday and Sunday at 8pm, door opens at 7:30pm, free for all

Jessica Link
-Jessica and Sonya are looking for a roommate for the 2011-2012 school year

Fiona Kyle
-Fiona is the editor of Side B Magazine, Side B is looking for submissions- music, short plays, etc., go to sidebmag.com

Darryl Pauley
-TAGS is hosting a community service event at ArtsWest, tomorrow, Sat. 4/2 from 10am-6pm, donuts and pizza will be provided, stay all day or stop in to help anytime

Rush Rafferty
-Juggling Club, Fridays from 2-6pm in Morton 201

Sonja Mata
- Please be safe this quarter and don't drink and drive

Briana Redmount
-Tomorrow is International Autism Awareness Day

Glenna Brucken
- Glenna is looking to raise money to travel to Tanzania please donate what you can, break a leg at auditions!!!

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