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Welcome to the College of Fine Arts monthly newsletter.  You will find information regarding registration deadlines as well as events and opportunities available to you.  Each edition of this newsletter will also be posted on the College of Fine Arts webpage at http://www.finearts.ohio.edu/current_students/advising.html <http://www.finearts.ohio.edu/current_students/advising.html> .

Registration Information
Last day to register for fall quarter

Note: Students who are in attendance by this date but fail to complete any registration procedures must pay a penalty for retroactive registration correction according to the following schedule:

September 22 - 28$ 40
September 29 - October 5$ 60
October 6 - 12$ 80
October 13 - 19$100

Last day to add a fall quarter class (instructor's permission required)

Last day to remove a fall quarter class from student's academic record with possible fee adjustment (use Web Registration <http://www.ohio.edu/registrar/webreg.cfm> ); fall quarter classes dropped September 22 - October 11 will remain on student's academic record with WP/WF grade with no fee adjustment

Last day to receive partial fee adjustment (80%) of registration fees for complete withdrawal from the University for fall quarter (all fall quarter courses removed from the student's academic record)

Last day to apply for pass/fail grading option for fall quarter class (apply at your college student services office or regional campus student services office)

Last day to change a grading option for fall quarter class (credit to audit, audit to credit, pass/fail to regular grade option, or regular grade option to pass/fail)

Last day to change college/major for fall quarter (contact your college student services office or regional campus student services office)

Fall quarter class schedules sent to University e-mail accounts of registered students

Fall quarter classes dropped will not remove fees for hours dropped; corrected registration that results in increased hours could increase tuition

Fall quarter classes dropped from this date through October 11 (last day to drop a class) will remain on student's academic record with WP/WF grade with no fee adjustment

Last day to check out of residence hall to receive 25% housing refund
Deadline to waive fall quarter Health Insurance fee

Deadline to waive fall quarter Student Legal Service fee

Deadline to waive fall quarter WellBeing Plan fee


Last day to apply for graduation for fall quarter

Note: Official graduation (degree conferral date) is November 24. Commencement is held at the conclusion of spring quarter.

Regional campus students should refer also to the section of the Schedule of Classes pertaining to their campus: Chillicothe <http://www.ohio.edu/registrar/info/fall2010-11/chilli.htm> , Eastern <http://www.ohio.edu/registrar/info/fall2010-11/east.htm> , Lancaster <http://www.ohio.edu/registrar/info/fall2010-11/lancaster.htm> , Southern <http://www.ohio.edu/registrar/info/fall2010-11/southern.htm> , Zanesville <http://www.ohio.edu/registrar/info/fall2010-11/zanes.htm> .

For a complete listing of the Fall quarter academic calendar, go to


For a complete listing of Fine Arts events, concerts, performances, exhibitions, lectures, guest artists, etc., go to the Arts for OHIO Event Calendar at

NEW!  FINE ARTS EXCHANGE.  Looking for dancers for your creative piece?  Need a photographer for a project?  Are you a composer looking for a creative outlet in film or theater?  Are you an actor looking for additional stage experiences?  Check out this new site which has been developed to  facilitate collaboration between Ohio University students and faculty interested in or studying the fine arts and related areas.  This service allows for two kinds of posts. You may submit requests for arts services you need or you may offer your artistic services, such as lighting, photography, video editing, choreography, etc.  To enter your information, go to http://artsxchange.wordpress.com/ and click  on Submission Guidelines.  This site also has contact information if you have any questions or feedback for the site.  Just think of this as a "Craig's List" for Fine Arts!

Wednesday,  September 22  Majors Fair Undergraduates:  Interested in finding out about a second major or adding a minor?  Come to the Majors Fair in Baker Center from 11-3.  For more information, go to http://www.ohio.edu/univcollege/majorsfair/

The College has blogs!  See what your fellow students have to say about a day-in-the-life of a Fine Arts student at: http://ohiofinearts.wordpress.com/ <http://ohiofinearts.wordpress.com/> .  Get the scoop on College events with the Arts for Ohio blog at: http://artsforohio.wordpress.com/ <http://artsforohio.wordpress.com/> .

For information on  Education Abroad opportunities in Fine Arts, go to http://www.finearts.ohio.edu/education_abroad/index.html

Research/Grant Opportunities

Guidelines and applications for the College of Fine Arts Dean's Undergraduate Awards can be found at http://www.finearts.ohio.edu/current_students/undergrad_grants.html Awards of up to $1000 are available. The deadline for submitting a completed application for this year's round of awards is Friday, October 29, 2010.

Graduate students should go to http://www.finearts.ohio.edu/current_students/index.html for information on Fine Arts supported research opportunities.

Graduate students should go to http://www.ohio.edu/graduate/ <http://www.ohio.edu/graduate/> for information, forms and deadlines related to graduate studies.
National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) http://www.ncur.org/ <http://www.ncur.org/> promotes undergraduate research scholarship and creative activity done in partnership with faculty or other mentors.  For information and deadlines for this year’s NCUR opportunities to be held at Ithaca College on March 31-April 2, 2011, please visit http://www.ithaca.edu/ncur2011/ Application and abstract deadline is Friday, November 19, 2010.

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